Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boomerang Tags "For Pets That Come Back"

We are getting the car packed to head for Orlando in the morning. I'm excited! I haven't been to Florida in a while. I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Mom and Ms. PopArt had a long phone call the other day. Mom said Ms. PopArt suggested I start setting up other sites of my own like a MySpace page and some YouTube videos. I don't know what all of that is but I'm all for anything that lets me show everyone how smart I am about traveling with Mom so they can learn too. I think we'll get started on these when we get back from Orlando.

Mom has my packing list out and she is putting all my stuff in my little travel bag - my collar, my leash. She packed the collar with my dog tags on it even though I have a microchip. She says it's an extra layer of protection.

I like my dog tag. It doesn't hang down and get in my way or get caught on things like other dogs' that I have seen. It's a collar tag. And it doesn't clink when I walk which helps a lot when I'm stalking cats or squirrels! If you aren't sure what a collar tag is, I have a picture so you can see what it looks like. This isn't my collar. Mine's already packed and I'm not letting Mom dig it out to take a picture! I love my Mom but she forgets things when we travel. That's why she has a list. But sometimes even that doesn't help. I could tell you stories..... But back to the tags. This is a picture off the Boomerang website. That's where mom buys my tags. It looks just like my red collar so you will still be able to see just how cool it is. Mine looks like the top one.
Mom said she first checked Boomerang out because she just liked their advertising: Boomerang Tags "For Pets That Come Back". Then she read more about them and she says they are the best dog tags on the market. She says they may not be "cute" but when it comes to keeping me safe she'd rather have functional than cute. And besides I'm cute enough already! And I think they look great - I'm a manly dog and I don't want anything "cute". Aspen, Pixel and Zeena can wear "cute"!
Mom says Boomerang tags are more durable (that means they last a long time) than those cheap aluminum tags. I've had mine for 6 years now. That's how long they last!
You don't have to get a tag like mine. Boomerang also makes those "hangy" tags if you really want one. You can get a metal one like mine or you can get a plastic one. They are both guaranteed, just like mine.
Mom says she buys my tag to keep me safe so if she gets lost, someone will know how to help me find her again. She says since that's what it's for she wants me to have one that will stay on my collar. She wants the people helping me find her to be able to read my name so they know who I am, and my address and phone number so they know where I live and how to reach Mom. Mom has never been lost, but it makes me feel safer knowing that she has done things to help me find her again.
If you want to find out more about Boomerang tags, check out their website at And tell them Travelin' Bob sent you. I don't get anything if you do, but I want them to know how much Mom and I like their tags.
Heading for Orlando in the morning! I'll keep you posted on my trip!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bob. As always you give great advice and this one on tags is especially helpful. The ones that hang down can get caught and lead to choking.
And, by the way, hope you and your mom had a great time in Orlando!

Pop Art Diva! said...

Bob, Pixel wants to know what's wrong with "cute", lol. Of course, she's a girl and she likes cute.

Yes, I still say your Mom needs to make you a MySpace and a YouTube - I'd love to see videos of all the great places you visit and why you like them so much!

Bob, you're gonna be a "STAR"!


Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Hello from Aspen and Claudia!

Aspen - I lost my collar recently, we can't find it anywhere, and it has my dog license on it, so maybe I should get one of these.

Claudia - I think it may be down in the recliner couch, but am afraid that I'll hurt myself reaching down in there to find it.

Both of us wish you a wonderful time in Orlando, and look forward to more adventures with Bob...and Bob, get your Mom to make a Squidoo for you! We'll "lensroll" it when you do :-)

Claudia -
Aspen -