Friday, March 30, 2012

Their Goal is to Put Themselves Out of Business!

As always, whenever we visit a new city, we check out a local animal shelter.  I have been blessed to find a forever family that loves me.  And it is my mission to help as many other shelter animals find a home as possible.

Our trip to Omaha was no different.  While there we visited the Nebraska Humane SocietyThe Nebraska Humane Society was founded in 1875 and is the fifth oldest Humane Society in the United States!  They were originally established for the protection of both animals and children. In the mid 1940’s, state agencies began to embrace child welfare issues, leaving the Nebraska Humane Society as the sole organization within the Omaha area designated for the protection of animals.  They provide education, give sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions and promote responsible pet ownership.

The Nebraska Humane Society is unique among animal shelters. In addition to taking animals whose owners can no longer care for them, they provide animal control services for the Omaha Metro area. That means they are the facility that houses all animals with nowhere else to go.  And they are so good at finding homes for these animals that they have not had to euthanize an adoptable dog for lack of space in several years!!  How cool is that?! 

The Nebraska Humane Society has a variety of animals available for adoption.  For example, there is Cowboy, a neutered male, brown Pekingese mix. Shelter staff think he is about 3 years old.

There is also Taylor, the cat.  Taylor is a neutered male, orange tabby Domestic Shorthair mix.  He looks a lot like our cat Marmalade.  Maybe they are related!

They even have guinea pigs, Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.  I just recently found out about guinea pigs and have added them to my list of furry friends.  I still don't understand how such cute little critters wind up in shelters.

For Moms and Dads who want a bigger friend, the Nebraska Humane Society also has several horses that need forever families.  They don't stay at the shelter though.  You will have to make
special arrangements to meet them.

The Nebraska Humane Society says that they have a goal of one day putting themselves out of business.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  Until then, please stop by and visit - either in person or online.  Tell them Traveling Bob sent you!