Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Letter to Santa

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your furry family members?  Read our letter to Santa for some ideas for the perfect pet present!

Dear Santa,

Mom says we have all been good this year and so we will get Christmas presents.  We know that you don't bring presents for pets.  You are busy enough just making sure all the kids get their gifts.  But if you could somehow drop a hint to Mom about the gifts we would like, we would be happy!

1.  Austin and Angel love my official Traveling Bob dog collar.  They hope Mom will get one for each of them too.  It's nylon so it's sturdy and the buckles are adjustable for a perfect fit.

2.  If you haven't already gotten your pets a tag from Boomerang Pet Tags, now would be the perfect time.  These are the best dog tags available and the only ones Mom buys for us.  Since Angel is the newest addition to our family, she really hopes she is getting hers this Christmas!

3.  I'm hoping for a bag of treats from Bigwag Dog Bakery.  There is a little bit of everything so I get all my favorites in one place.

4.  Oscar loves chew sticks.  He would love some bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks.  These are pure beef and Mom says they are good for our teeth.

5.  Little Bitty Kitty is hoping for a new cat condo/scratching post like the Valencia Cat Tree.  This cat tree will give her the perfect place to climb and play and sharpen her claws.  I am hoping Mom doesn't get it for her.  Sharp claws on cats are not good!

6.  Iris is wishing for her usual gift - a bag of Greenies Feline Dental Treats.  She says they taste like chicken.  Mom says they are good for Iris' teeth.  Sometimes Iris will drop one or two off her perch while she is snacking and I will steal them.  They are pretty tasty!  I hope Iris gets her wish!

7.  Austin likes to look his best.  He also doesn't like the cold very much.  He is hoping Mom will get him a hoodie from the Travels with Bob shop.  These come in a variety of designs so Mom can get the perfect one.

8.  All of us dogs are hoping for a Zisc to play with in the back yard or at the park.  A Zisc is a flying disc that's specially designed to be gentle on our teeth and gums.  They come in large or mini sizes and are brightly colored so they can be easily seen.

9.  For JoyBelle, the best gift is a new bird for her to pounce on!  Mom buys her Showgulls to keep her happy.  They have lots of feathers and drive JoyBelle wild!

10.  All the cats love their fuzzy mice that Mom buys them every year.

Thanks for all your help, Santa.  We promise not to eat your cookies and the cats won't drink your milk this year.

Merry Christmas!

Bob, Austin, Oscar, Angel, Iris, JoyBelle, Little Bitty Kitty, Bubba, Duchess, Bogart, Cobweb, Puck and Peasebottom