Monday, August 31, 2009

Explore Marietta, GA with Debra Stokes, Rex, and Me!

It's time to meet another one of Mom's friends from the Divas of Boomer Diva Nation! This week we are off to Marietta, GA to meet Debra Stokes and Rex. Rex is actually Debra's granddog. As she says, "The 'Most Handsome Pound Dog in the Universe' is Rex, my Grand dog. Rex was rescued from a pound in Auburn, Alabama, by my daughter when she should have been getting a college education!"

The other doggie in Deb's life is Nicky, a Cairn terrier. Nicky is no longer with Debra and her family. He suffered a stroke about two years ago. But he lived with Debra for 16 years and she still misses him.

Debra is very involved with a group on LinkedIn called Women of Wisdom. She established this group to provide a forum where they share the lessons they have learned along their Christian journey. And she writes a great blog which you can read at And her business, Eloge Enterprises, has two great products that Mom said she wishes had been available when she needed them. Mom says they would have been a God-send. I'm not sure what they are for exactly, but if Mom says they are great then you definitely need to check them out: Glistens and Kool-nex.

They all live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta – Marietta or May-retta, if you’re a local. Debra says, "We have lots of parks and nature trails along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. This is a very pet-friendly area. We’ve had the same vet for nearly 20 years and they still take care of our pets without requiring that we pay before we walk out of the door!!!!!! It’s like family."

Sounds like Marietta, GA is a great place for a little dog to visit! Actually, Marietta is not far from Atlanta. Mom and I have been here before. And when we come we stay at the Homestead Studio Suites Atlanta-Marietta-Powers Ferry. Mom was very nervous the first time we stayed there. A room with a king-size bed for under $50 a night? But this was a last minute trip and it was all that was available. What a surprise we had. While it is definitely no-frills, it was neat, clean, and best of all - they take pets. One pet is allowed in each guest room and when you bring a pet, there will be a non-refundable cleaning fee charged upon check-in on the first night. This charge will be $25 dollars for each night of your stay but will not exceed $150. Weight, size and breed restrictions may apply.

There's a grocery store nearby so I can get my favorite food without having to pack a lot of stuff with me. And on the nights Mom wanted to eat out, there were several restaurants close.

Marietta has a great dog park for me to play in. Sweat Mountain Dog Park was Marietta's first official off-leash dog park. It has an area for big dogs and a separate area for little guys like me. And it has benches for Mom to sit on so she can watch me play.

When we are not at the park, we sometimes walk the Silver Comet Trail. It's one of the top trails in the country. I have to wear my leash because lots of different folks use the trail. Mom and I just walk, but there are joggers, bikers, and skaters using it too. So I let Mom put my leash on me so I don't get run over!

Next time you're in Georgia, stop by Marietta and visit my friends, Debra and Rex. She say you are welcome in Cobb County!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Every Dog Should Have a Human

Most dogs want a human at some point in their lives. If you have been considering adopting a human family, I highly recommend it!

Dogs who have humans are happier, healthier, and live longer than stray dogs. And since dog owners also tend to be happier, healthier, and to live longer, it's a win-win combination! The properly trained and socialized human makes a loyal, loving and faithful companion and guardian. The daily responsibility of owning a human brings great joy and comfort to many dogs. Providing our humans with love and companionship can be challenging at times, but seeing the smiles on their faces as they pet you, or hearing the love in their voices as they call your
name makes it all worthwhile.

Humans are a dog's best friend. That's a fact! They may not chase squirrels with you or dig for buried smelly things in the yard, but there are so many other things you can do together. My mom and I share all sorts of adventures. She has added so much to my life.

Before my mom came and brought me home, I never got to go for a long walk. Now mom and I walk almost every night. I love sharing this time with her. And she says that walking with me has helped her lose weight, get in better shape, and relieve stress.

Before I came to live with my mom, everyday was pretty much the same. But now I have responsibilities like waking her up in the morning, sleeping by her feet at night to help keep her warm, and sitting next to her in her chair to keep things from bothering her. I know it sounds like a lot of work. But she is always so happy to see me that it makes me happy too! And the more I wag my tail and nuzzle her, the happier she seems to be.

Mom protects me from bigger dogs and mean people who would hurt me. She makes sure I have my shots and trips to Dr. Karen so I don't get sick. She brushes and bathes me so I don't have fleas or ticks. And I help take care of her by barking when something or someone comes in our yard that doesn't belong there. When we walk, I can spot snakes or skunks or other things before she does and I stop and bark so she doesn't run into them. And I can always tell when a bad storm is coming and I let her know by running in through the pet door as soon as it starts raining! When she is sick, I stay by her so she doesn't feel lonely. And when she can't eat all her food, I eat her leftovers so she doesn't have to waste them. When she's not home, I guard the house for her and bark at everyone that comes there to let them know that mom has a dog on duty! I know I am small, but when I bark, Ginger barks too, and she is a BIG dog. When she barks, it scares people!

I love to help mom with her housework too. When she makes the bed, I help by grabbing the blanket in my mouth and pulling it across the bed. She sometimes gets a little annoyed because she says I am pulling it the wrong way. But most days she says thanks for helping to make the bed. And I help her remember to keep her socks and things picked up so she doesn't lose them. If she forgets and drops them on the floor, I will take them and hide them for her so they don't get lost.

When I was kept in a cage, every day was so boring. But now everyday is fun! She knows how to fetch and play catch and shake hands. She's really pretty smart for a human! Sometimes we just go outside and romp around the yard together or just sit on the porch in the sun. I help her when she's digging in her garden. It took me a while to learn that I can't just dig in there whenever I want to. Some things that I thought were weeds were actually things she had planted. But even when we just sit together and read or watch TV, we still have a good time.

Just remember - they are only human after all. So take good care of them and train them well. Give them lots of love and affection. Let them know how much they mean to you. Train them to walk on a leash, relax in the sun, enjoy a good nap, and teach them how to give proper nose kisses. You'll be rewarded with a lifetime of companionship that can't be beat!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adoptable Pets from Tyler, Texas

If you have been following me and my mom on Twitter or read any of my mom's blogs, then you know why I haven't been on the computer much. First we had 3 new additions to the family - Reid in April, Brianna in May, and Mylie in July! They are all cute as can be and mom and dad and I went to see each of them as soon as they were born. That's the good news. The bad news is that right after we came home, dad got real sick. Mom said it was his heart and that we needed to slow down and take care of him. I don't mind - dad takes real good care of me when I'm sick. So I have been spending my days sitting in dad's lap while he rests and gets better. And he is getting better. We even went out in the boat today. Mom and Reid's daddy had to get the boat ready so dad could ride with us. But it was still good to get out in the sun on the water with him and we had a great time together. I know mom driving his boat made him a little nervous - but it's a big lake! What could she possibly hit? And she didn't lose anybody over the side so I guess she did okay.

Now that dad is getting better, mom said we can start working and writing again. So it's time to get back to my blog. If you remember, I had a mission this year of helping 1000 homeless pets find homes. We were off to a great start too, and while my absence may have set us back a little, I am not giving up. So, to get the momentum going again - and in honor of my good friends Betty Lynch and Copper, I am going to highlight some of the wonderful companions available in Betty's town of Tyler, Texas.

Since I am a huge supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, I chose the Humane Society of East Texas to be my partner shelter for our adopt a pet drive. The Humane Society of East Texas is an animal advocate agency. Their goal is to find forever homes for the animals at the shelter and to promote responsible pet ownership. It was established in 1963 by concerned citizens after they visited the City of Tyler’s inadequate animal impoundment facility. At that time, animals were housed in one small building regardless of the health of the animals. The Society requested that the Tyler impoundment facilities be turned over to the newly founded Humane Society of East Texas. Construction of the animal shelter was completed in 1968 and the Humane Society of East Texas's animal shelter was opened.

Animals may be adopted at the Humane Society’s animal shelter. Dogs and cats are available for adoption by responsible pet owners and have been spayed or neutered if old enough. If the pet is too young, at the time of adoption, a Certificate of Sterilization will be included in the adoption packet. The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip, all vaccinations (including rabies) and 30 days of free pet health insurance. Adoption Fees: Dogs $130 Cats $115

There are many adoptable pets available at the Human Society of East Texas. Since I can only highlight a few, I chose those that are most in need of a home. Won't you open your heart and home to one of them? If you do, please let me know. Because for every pet adopted from one of my partner shelters this month, I will send their new mom and/or dad a free Traveling Bob pet bowl!

I have been blessed to be adopted by a wonderful mom and dad. Please be a blessing to one of my friends in Tyler:

Buster - Buster is a 4 year old Chihuahua who has had a hard life. He lost one of his eyes, was malnourished, but friendly when he first arrived at the shelter. After having surgery to remove his damaged eye, he became very protective. His disposition changed for a while until he realized that no one was going to hurt him again. He still mistrusts people, until he gets to know them. He is very playful with other small dogs, is neutered and weighs about 7 lbs. Buster will need an extremely patient owner, who will understand his moods. He will have to be watched, when company comes, because he will bite their heels. Buster has been at the shelter for 590 plus days.

Betty - Betty is a Retriever, Labrador/Australian Cattle Dog and is almost 2 years old. She likes other dogs and plays well with children and she likes to ride in a car. She was previously kept outdoors.

Tebow - Tebow is a Yorkshire Terrier, just like Austin, the rat that mom brought home one day for me to play with. I have to admit, he is not as much of a nuisance as I thought he would be so I can say that Yorkies are good dogs. Tebow walks on a leash (unlike Austin who hasn't quite mastered that yet!), and likes to ride in the car. He is used to being indoors, which is where Austin lives too. Yorkies are small and need to be indoor pets. He is shy and nervous but friendly and I'm sure will give lots of Yorkie love to the right family.

Mr. Wiggles - Mr. Wiggles is a 3 year old Chihuahua. He sure was named right because he is a very frisky boy that loves to run and play and likes other dogs. He does dig and is afraid of loud noises but some TLC can teach him not to do those things.

Kitter Kat - Yes, I want you to adopt a cat! I have cats of my own. Every dog should have a cat or two of their very own. Kitter Kat will need a real special home, one without other pets. Kitter Kat has Feline Leukemia, which is contagious to other cats. Other wise he is very healthy. He is the most lovable, social cat that has ever been at the shelter. He is litterbox trained, very playful, and just wants to love and be loved back.

Nanna - Nanna is a grey tiger kitty, just like my kitties, Iris and Little Bitty Kitty. Nanna is litterbox trained, knows commands, likes other cats but does not like dogs (nobody's perfect!). She plays well with small children and is friendly and playful. She was previously kept indoors and is front declawed. Nanna was surrendered because other cats in the family did not like her.

To adopt one of these great furry bundles of love, contact the Humane Society of East Texas. And tell them Traveling Bob sent you!