Monday, September 3, 2012

Make the Promise!

Are you a responsible dog owner? Take the AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise!

1. I will never overlook my responsibilities for this living being and recognize that my dog’s welfare is totally dependent on me.

2. I will always provide fresh water and quality food for my dog.

3. I will socialize my dog via exposure to new people, places and other dogs.

4. I will take pride in my dog's appearance with regular grooming.

5. I will recognize the necessity of basic training by teaching my dog to reliably sit, stay and come when called.

6. I will take my dog to the vet regularly and keep all vaccinations current.

7. I will pick-up and properly dispose of my dog's waste.

8. I will make sure my dog is regarded as an AKC Canine Good Citizen® by being aware of my responsibilities to my neighbors and to the community.

9. I will ensure that the proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation appropriate for my dog’s age, breed and energy level is provided.

10. I will ensure that my dog has some form of identification (which may include collar tags, tattoo or microchip ID).

11. I will adhere to local leash laws.

Post your name and your dog's names in the comments if you are a responsible dog owner.


For more information visit or call 212-696-8228.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month!

People have embraced the joys of dog ownership for centuries.  Maybe even longer!  All sorts of people have owned dogs.  Presidents.  Celebrities.  Athletes.  Scientists.  And people like my Mom and Dad. 

Many dogs were originally used as hunters or workers.  We tracked game, fetched the kill, herded livestock, and guarded our master's family, home and possessions.  Today we also act as service dogs for the disabled, search and rescue dogs.  We help detect bombs and drugs, and serve as members of K9 police units.  But we mostly serve as companions for families.

The American Kennel Club - the nation’s largest registry and leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of purebred dogs – recognizes that canine companionship is not only a right but also a privilege that must be respected and nurtured.  In return for this privilege, dog owners need to respect reasonable, enforceable, non-discriminatory legislation governing the ownership of dogs,
such as local leash laws, curbing policies and licensing regulations.  And this is true not only for the families of purebred dogs, but for all dogs - even little dogs like me!

Each year the AKC® hosts Responsible Dog Ownership Days in September to educate the dog-loving public about the importance of being a responsible owner. Nearly 600 AKC affiliated clubs and other organizations around the country participate by holding events in their local communities throughout the month of September.

Whether you are looking to add a puppy to your family for the first time or are a lifelong dog lover, Mom and I encourage you to “bone up” on responsible dog ownership.  We invite you to celebrate AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days with us in September.  We'll be posting lots of fun and educational information for dogs and their families.  Come. Sit. Stay and learn what it takes to be a responsible dog owner. Your best friend is counting on you!

For more information about AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days, contact Stephanie Smith, Club Communications Manager.