Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy "Mew" Year!

Happy "Mew" Year to all our friends - furry and not!  Bob is sleeping after a busy Christmas season so Mom let me sneak in a post in his place. 

We have been very busy over the past several months.  Bob, Austin, and I have been "helping" Mom work on our new website.  It will be finished soon.  I can't wait for the official unveiling.  Plus Bob has several new T-shirt designs that he will be adding to his store. 

We had a wonderful Christmas.  All the dogs got new chew bones and treats.  And we cats got new toys.  I am glad that Mom remembered to get me more fuzzy mice.  My old ones were pretty chewed up.  Fuzzy mice are the best playthings ever! 

Bob also got a leather "biker" hat and bandannaa.  Mom said it's for pictures for a new T-shirt design.  Can't wait to see that.  Bob thinks he looks cool, but I think he just looks silly!

Now that the holidays are over, I am glad that we will have some time to rest and relax.  It does get cold sometimes during the winter here in NW Arkansas.  I am looking forward to some nights curled up in Mom's lap by the fire.  I may have to push Bob and Austin out of the way, but some well-placed claws in the right spot might help convince them to share some space. 

Mom has been spending the last few days finally getting all her pictures from the camera to the computer.  That's exciting because now we can share photos of the rest of the family.  Mom is not good about pictures.  She takes them, but then she never does anything else with them.

Dad has been working on a new sunroom for us.  Mom thinks it's for her, but I have already claimed one of the windows for myself.  That leaves a few other windows but I don't think there will be one left after the other cats stake their claim. 

Speaking of the sun, I see a a nice ray of sunshine on my favorite spot on the porch.  And it's perfect porch-napping weather - not too hot and not too cold.  I will have to go let Mom know I want to go outside.  

Have a Happy "Mew" Year from all of us - Iris (that's me), Bob, Austin, Oscar, Ginger, Bitty Kitty, JoyBelle, Buddy, Bogart, Cobweb, Gremlin, Bubba and Duchess!