Monday, October 6, 2008

No Travel for Awhile - I Have to Recover...

It's been a rough week for me. Sunday evening Mom noticed I was shaking and not eating. She thought maybe I was just cold so she put me on my blanket. But later when I went outside, I was having some other issues (I think the blood scared Mom). She called Dr. Karen and was told to bring me in right away. When we got to the Dr. Karen's office, the nice new vet, Dr. Hobbs, was there. She took my temperature (105!) and did some tests and discovered that my liver was not working properly. She asked Mom if I had eaten anything like a toadstool (Yuck!) or if I had shown any other signs of being ill. Mom said no. Dr. Hobbs decided I needed to stay there for a few days until they decided whether I had an infection or a tumor. They put an IV in me and gave me all kinds of fluids and medicine. The good news is I'm feeling better. It must have been some kind of infection. I even ate a little bit today. Dr. Hobbs gave me some baby food and it tasted real good. Mom brought me home tonight but I'm still a little weak. So she said no traveling until I have fully recovered. In fact, she said we might just not go anywhere until summer so I have lots of time to rest and get strong.

I asked Mom what I could write about and she suggested I could share some of our favorite places from past trips. Plus she reminded me that I was still sharing my favorite things on my packing list. And I have to get MySpace up and running and I've been working on my store. So I guess I do have enough to keep me busy.

I guess she's right. I'll just rest and get well for now. I like Dr. Karen and Dr. Hobbs but it's good to be home!