Friday, June 11, 2010

Galveston Oh Gavleston!

We are back from our whirlwind trip through Texas!  Actually, we been back for a bit, but Mom has been so busy, she hasn't had time to share the computer with me.  But I finally did convince her to let me have some time today.  I'm really good with the "puppy dog eyes"!

The first place we went to was Galveston.  Neither Mom or I have been there before so it was an new experience for both us.  We love exploring new places together! 

Galveston is actually on an island.  I didn't know that until we got there.  That was great because islands mean beaches and water and sun - all things I love!  Mom says because it's an island, it has seen lots of big storms.  She said there was one in 1900 that almost destroyed the entire island.  But she said the people who live on Galveston are strong and determined and they just fix whatever the storms break and keep going on.  I'm glad they decided to keep rebuilding so I could come visit.

When we arrived in Galveston, Mom had a room for us at La Quinta Inn Galveston.  What a great place!  There was water right across the street from us.  Mom said it was the Gulf of Mexico.  The bed was one of the best I have ever slept on.  Texas is HOT but our room was always nice and cool.  And Mom really liked the big bathroom.  I am glad that pets are welcome at La Quinta Inns.  They are great places to stay!

Mom had work to do in Galveston, so Dad and I were on our own a lot.  But Mom did find time to go with us to Galveston Island State Park.  Mom says there was a big storm named Hurricane Ike that did a lot of damage to the island, including the park.  But people have been working on it to make it ready for visitors again and much of it is open.  (I have a friend named Ike.  I didn't know they named storms after dogs!  Cool!  Does anyone know if there is one named after me?  Hurricane Bob!  I like that!).   We went and walked on the beach for a while.  Dogs are allowed on the beach as long as they wear a leash.  We saw a lot of birds.  I like birds.  Mom and I feed them at home, but we don't have any that looked like these.  What we didn't see was oil!  Mom said there was an accident and someone caused a lot of oil to spill in the ocean.  Some of it has come to the beaches but luckily not to Galveston.  I have watched Dad take oil out of Mom's car and it's nasty!  I can't imagine what it would be like on the beach.  I'm glad it didn't reach Galveston and I am sorry for the beaches where it did reach.

Mom and I love the beach so we also visited Stewart Beach.  There were lots of families on the beach when we went there.  Mom says they have a sandcastle building contest here.  We had a great time here too.  Even Dad liked it although he's not much of a beach person.  But he liked that fact that he could walk out on the jetties and fish.  He's quite a fisherman!  I like the fact that they have a snack bar.  I get hungry walking on the beach!

After playing on the beach, I was ready for some food!  We found some great places to eat in Galveston, but my favorite was a place called Mosquito Cafe.  I don't know why they named it after mosquitoes.  I didn't see any mosquitoes there - not even on the menu.  But that's why Mom wanted to try it.  She just liked the name.  Mom didn't take me with her.  I was tired and needed to rest.  But she brought me back a steak sandwich that was yummy!

We had a great time in Galveston - and made some new friends while we were there.  As always, we found some four-legged friends needing homes.  I'll tell you all about them in my next post.