Sunday, August 21, 2011

FHTM Welcomes The Flying Basset

FHTM is pleased to announce The Flying Basset Organics in the US!

Flying Basset is the Leader in Organic Supplements and Natural Treatments for Dogs & Cats

Flying Basset is an all natural whole food and organic animal care line dedicated to providing your furry friends with the best, quality products to maintain a healthy and active life. Flying Basset Organics proprietary, technologically advanced formulations are created with the highest quality certified organic and standardized ingredients.

Product Categories Include:

Digestive Support
Bone and Joint Support
Whole Food Supplements
Immune Support
Coat Support

At Flying Basset customers’ health and satisfaction come first. By strictly monitoring their cGMP processes while producing small lot batches, enabling them to maintain consistency and freshness in all of their products. They take pride in offering the best products available. Flying Basset has the only whole food plant cell based vitamins, minerals, and CoQ10 available on the market for your animals. Improve your furry friends' lives with supplements to support digestive health, strengthen immunity and provide joint comfort. Use The Flying Basset's natural treatments to relieve your pets of fleas, hot spots and worms. Flying Basset Organics products are shipped directly to your door, ensuring that you will get the best quality, at the lowest possible price!

Mom has been buying these products for me and the others for a while now.  The treats are yummy!  I wasn't sure about them when Mom told me they didn't have any meat in them.  She said they were made from plants.  Do I look like a rabbit?  But they sure are good and they really do make me feel better.  I feel almost 15 again!  I was even able to jump the landing the other day on my way out to the back yard.  I haven't been able to do that in a long time.

Mom says I have to tell you that we sell these products through our FHTM business.  She says it's a law so that you know we are recommending something we also sell. 
Help improve the quality of your pets' lives with Flying Basset Organic Products. Visit us to learn more about our products!