Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bob's Travels

It's been a tough year for us.  Dad has been sick.  I've been sick.  Even Mom was sick for a while.  And while Mom has been taking care of Dad and me, we haven't been traveling. 

Fortunately, Mom found some new pills that are making me feel like a puppy again!  Okay, maybe not quite that young.  But I have felt better lately.  I even chased a squirrel yesterday.  And I was able to clear the landing between the sunroom and the garage in one leap yesterday.  I haven't been able to do that in a long time.  I'll be telling you more about these pills in a future post.  For now, just know that they work!

Dad has also been working really hard to get well.  While he still has some bad days, he does seem to be getting better a little bit every day.  I tried to get him to take some of my pills.  I kept one that Mom gave me and took it to Dad and dropped it in his lap.  He didn't seem to understand though.  He just gave it back to me.  I know they would make him feel better if he would take them.  He might even want to help me chase squirrels!

The good news is that with both me and Dad feeling better, Mom says she needs to go visit some of her clients and friends again.  That means we will soon be on the road again.  In fact, Mom has already decided where we are going first - Houston and Galveston.  Mom says both of these are in Texas.  And since we will be in Texas already, she said we will also go to Corpus Christi to visit Christine and baby John.  John has a new baby of his own named Brianna.  I can't wait to see them.  And then we will stop in Dallas to see Mai Lei and Mark and all the cats.

I have already written about all the great things to do in Corpus Christi and Dallas, but I will still keep you updated on our visit with the babies and the cats.  But I have never been to Houston or Galveston.  I am looking forward to seeing what sorts of adventures I can have there - and of course, letting you in on all of the pet-friendly things to do. 

Mom says after we get back from Texas, we'll be home for a little bit.  Then it's back to Las Vegas for a few days.  Vegas is way cool.  I can't wait to share all the fun we'll have there.  Mom says we are going to rent a dune buggy this time so I can go for a ride in the desert!  I love to take rides.

Mom has been planning a lot of upcoming trips.  After Vegas, she says it will be time for her friend Ken to have another of his jvAlert meetings.  I'm not sure what that is, but Mom always seems to like them.  She says the whole idea for me came from one of those meetings.  Mom says it will probably be somewhere on the West Coast.  I don't know if I will get to go with her then.  She will be in meetings all day and I don't like to be bored.  But Mom says she also needs to go to Philadelphia to meet her new friend, Doug.  She and Doug are working on a new project together that has her pretty excited.  And she says that she also needs to go home to Honesdale to visit her sister.

We are going to be busy this summer.  I'll be traveling with Mom again just like we used to.  Dad said he will come along too - at least most of the time.  He'll probably stay home with me when Mom goes to jvAlert.  But the rest of the trips should be the three of us - just like the old days.

So stay tuned.  Traveling Bob is traveling again.  And I'll be writing and sharing my journeys with everyone.  On the road again.  I can't wait to get on the road again!