Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meet my new friend Zeena!

Well, it's official. Mom and I are going to Orlando! I LOVE Florida. She has a client out there she needs to visit. And she said I can go this time because the client knows me and doesn't mind if I come along. We'll be planning the trip this week and I'll keep you posted on my adventures, as usual.

Mom was going to make me do a boring - but important - post on the importance of dog tags and tell you about my microchip. But I have exciting news to share about a new friend so she said I could do the other post later in the week.

We got an email this week from our human friend, Teri Dempski. She was so excited to share the news - she had a new baby! Her name was Zeena! Mom laughed and said that was an unusual name for a baby. Then we read further and discovered that Zeena is actually a Chihuahua! Zeena, Warrior Chihuahua Princess! I think it's a perfect name! Don't you agree?

Over the weekend Teri was having a yard sale. On Sunday, a Mexican family stopped to look over all the baby items she had for sale. They didn’t speak English, but the son (maybe 7-8yrs. old) came out of the car clutching something tightly to his chest. Teri heard squeaking, and asked if she could see, in her best broken (poor) Spanish. The boy spoke enough English (with Teri's broken Spanish) and said Teri could buy the puppy for $100.00. Teri said, when the baby is old enough she wanted it. The boy talked with his mother, and she said the momma had 8 puppies, and the momma would not take care of them. The family had been hand-feeding the babies every 2-3 hrs. and wanted someone to take over, so was only letting the puppies go to someone who would be able to devote time to care for them. Once Teri held the baby, whose eyes were barely open, no teeth yet, tiny little whimpers, she fell in love at that moment. Zeena nuzzled Teri's neck and sucked on her baby finger—then happily fell asleep on her chest. The family got the $100.00 and Teri got a new fur baby. **Note to dogs looking for homes - that's how I made Mom fall in love with me! I was not the cutest or the smartest in the litter, but when I curled up on her chest and went to sleep, after a good night kiss on her chin, that's all it took. I'm telling you it works every time!

Teri has never hand-raised a puppy. But she is quickly learning all she needs to do to help Zeena grow strong.
So now I have friends all over the country! Aspen the Yorkie in New Jersey, Pixel in Arizona, and now Zeena in Colorado. Wouldn't it be fun if I could travel to see each of them and tell you all about our adventures? MOM, Hey MOM! I have an idea!


Pop Art Diva! said...

Oh, Bob, I bet you were too cute when you were a puppy - you're cute now! You must get the "diva" attitude or "dude" attitude in your case!

Isn't Zeena adorable! Oh, I love puppies!

Pixel does too - she loves babies of all species!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
Your life seems full with your trip to Florida and a brand new puppy friend.
Life brings many blessings (there are bones around every corner) so keep on barking and enjoying yourself!