Friday, September 26, 2008

There's a Rat in my House!

It even has a name! Mom calls it Austin! She brought him home Sunday. She says he is my new playmate. He looks more like a cat toy than a playmate!

Mom says he is a registered Yorkshire Terrier and that his full name is Baron Sir Austin III of Oak Valley. He has papers and is worth a lot of money. I don't know much about fancy dogs like this one, but the only papers I've seen so far are the newspapers Mom puts down to housebreak him. Heck! It that's all it takes to be a fancy dog, I can piddle on all the newspapers Mom needs.
Mom used to raise fancy dogs like this a long time ago - before she met me. She says she wants to start doing it again. Dad doesn't seem too excited about the idea. I'm siding with him this time.
Am I looking properly pitiful? I must be, because Mom just told me that I was still her baby boy and that no one would take my place. Austin will not have a blog like mine. He might get to travel because she will be taking him to shows, but she said I could go too. And he is not going to have his own PopArt!
Mom is picking the rat up and putting him next to me. I'll just show him some teeth and maybe snarl a little just to show him who's in charge here. Yuck! He just licked me! Mom likes my puppy kisses, but I don't like Austin's! But he is trying hard to be nice. Maybe he won't be so bad. And it would be fun to have another dog to share my adventures with me. Don't all hero's have a sidekick? He's very tiny so he won't eat much or take up much space in the bed. And Mom really seems to like him, so he must be a good dog. I guess I'll give him a chance. Maybe we can call it the Adventures of Traveling Bob and Austin. What do you think?


Pop Art Diva! said...

Oh, Bob, I understand how you feel! It's hard to be "top dog" when those cute and fuzzy little "rats" suddenly show up to steal your thunder!

You're still number one in Pixel's heart and mine too!

I promise I will not do a Pop Art of Austin! You will be the only dog in your house to have an original PopArtDiva Pop Portrait!

But once you have him firmly under your control you will begin to like having your own little buddy! He'll be someone to play with when the humans in your house are too busy!

Love, Auntie PopArtDiva

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby! You will learn to love him as time goes on.

Auntie #2, Sally

Betty Lynch said...

Oh Bob! There is enough love for you both!! And just think all the days of playing together.

In my home, Mom wants a new baby for me, Copper, but Dad is saying one is enough. So I only get to play with my mom and dad.

Pop Art Diva! said...

So, Bob, how are things faring with you and Austin this week?

Any new developments in the "rat" infestation???


Pam Archer said...

Bob is a hoot! I told a couple of poeple about your blog this weekend.

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Where have Aspen and I been! We didn't even know about Austin! He looks just like Aspen did when she was a wee pup. Bob, looks like you're just going to have to adjust! LOL! Aspen & claudia