Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm so photogenic!

This diet Mom has had me on must be making me look really good. Mom had Jessica come to the house today and take pictures of me. Jessica is Mom's daughter and she takes wonderful pictures. She is a photographer! We had so much fun together. I sat up for her and did a few other poses and when we were finished she gave me a treat. She made Mom go away while we worked so the treat is our secret. Mom said the pictures were for my Squidoo pages she is working on. And she said she needed to send one to Aspen the Yorkie. And then she said her friend Terri aka PopArt Diva, needed a picture because she is going to do a PopArt design of me! You can see what I mean by checking out her other work at

Mom had a special day today to! She was on a radio show with Dr. Sally Witt. They talked about Mom's work and how she was able to not have to leave me alone all day. Mom told everyone I was special (actually she said special needs. I'm not sure what that means but if it's some kind of special then it has to be good!). She let me sit in her lap and listen while she talked. I tried to get in on the show too but Mom rubbed my tummy and I fell asleep. I missed part of the show while I was napping but Mom said we could listen to it later. You can too. Just go to

It's just a few days now before we leave on our next trip. Mom got us a room at my favorite Corpus Christi hotel. We are staying at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel. Mom says it's 4 stars but I have my own rating system. I give it 5 treats! It has everything I need to be comfortable when I'm traveling - room service so Mom and I can eat together, television, internet access so Mom can work right in the room with me, and a little porch so we can go outside for some fresh air without having to leave the hotel. The beds are soooo comfortable! I wish I had a bed like that at home! And the bay is just a short walk away. It has been awhile since we were there so I hope everything is still the way I remember it. If you want to check it out, visit And I'll be sure to let you know how it is once I get back.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hilton Goes Pet Friendly!


Hilton's new Pet Friendly program makes it easier for Mom to take me to spend time away from home! Hilton Hotels and Resorts announced today plans to welcome me and my friends into hotels in the Americas by this summer. And they plan to roll out the Pet Friendly program to some if their international hotels too! Maybe I'll get to travel to Paris! Of course I'd have to fly so I'll have to really think about that...

Mom won’t be the only one to feel rejuvenated as each pet-friendly room is loaded with specially-designed upscale amenities sure to please the most pampered dog or cat. Designed exclusively for Hilton by famed artist William Wegman (best known for his striking photographs of Weimaraner dogs) the Hilton Pet Friendly collection will include a stain-, water- and microbial-resistant pet bed, as well as food and water bowls with placemat, and an exclusive pet amenity kit complete with dog waste clean-up bags and treats. The bed, placemat and amenity kits are produced by Crypton Fabrics and made with its patented performance fabric. For guests who want to recreate their stay at home, the pet beds will be available for purchase on, alongside Hilton’s Serenity Collection® mattress and other exclusive, in-room amenities.

Participating Hiltons will also offer pet concierge service with information about local dog runs, veterinarian offices and pet boutiques.

A select amount of Pet Friendly rooms will be designated in each participating Hilton hotel and along with the standard room cleaning procedures, the rooms will undergo a deep cleaning – including carpets, drapery and all upholstered furniture – after each pet guest has checked out. All Pet Friendly rooms will feature a special door hanger alerting hotel staff to the furry guest within.

I guess I know which hotel Mom will be choosing from now on! Yeah Hilton!

For more information on Hilton’s Pet Friendly program, contact my Mom at!

Calling all pets!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dr. Karen says I need a "diet"!

Well, we are a little behind schedule. Mom has been busy helping Carter and Morgan move into their new home. Carter and Morgan are like baby John only a little bit bigger. They live close enough that I get to play with them all the time. They are moving into a new house but not too far away so I will still get to see them on weekends.

Mom did take me to see Dr. Karen. She looked at me all over and gave me a couple of shots. She said I looked like I was pretty healthy, but could probably stand to lose a couple of pounds. She said I shouldn't weigh more than 10 pounds and Mom said I weighed 13. So Mom said I could go on a diet with her. I guess that's okay - I'm not sure what "diet" means. I only know I didn't get my hamburger after my visit. Mom bought something she called a "Greenie" at Dr. Karen's house and I got that instead. It was pretty good to chew on and it lasted longer than the hamburger. But I still wish I'd gotten my hamburger. Mom's taking this diet thing seriously though. She wouldn't even let me have a piece of her waffle this morning. And she made me go for a walk with her last night. Night time is my relaxing time! I hope this diet ends soon. I'm not sure I like it.

After talking to Dad, Mom has decided to drive to Corpus Christi - yippee! Like I said before, I'm not too crazy about flying. I watch birds fly and it's okay for them. But I like to be next to Mom or some other human. Not cooped up in a crate who knows where. That means Mom will have to get the car ready for the trip. She said she needs to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. I don't know what that means but it's one more thing she has to do before we can leave.

Tonight we get to sit down and look at hotels. Mom does hotel stuff to make money so she knows all about them. She will get on the computer in the office an look at some things. She might even let me in the office to look at pictures with her. I don't get to come in the office during the day when she is working. She says I bark and that doesn't sound good when she is on the phone. But at night it's different. So we'll look at hotels together and then Mom will pick the one she thinks is best and call them to tell them we are coming. I hope she picks a really good one. I have my favorites where we travel a lot. I should share them with you. Lots of hotels allow pets. But some are just nicer to me than others.

Well, Mom is saying she needs to stop typing for me. She says she has a meeting with someone at lunch time. Sometimes, when Mom has lunch meetings, she brings me a treat in a bag just for me. It's called a "doggie bag." I probably won't get one this time though. I'm on a diet!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Corpus Christi Here We Come!

The votes are in and Corpus Christi won. So it looks like I'll be getting to spend some time with baby John this summer! I hope he doesn't try to pull my tail again. Mom wasn't entirely convinced at first. I think she really wanted to go to Orlando. But we have been there once already this year and I want to go somewhere new. So, I just had to do the "puppy dog eyes" routine whenever she talked about John and Christine. It worked. She called them last night and told them we were coming. I told you I had Mom well trained!

Now we have to get ready to go. Mom said she's going to call Dr. Karen tomorrow and make an appointment for me to get my shots (ouch!) and a pedicure and maybe even a flea dip. Can't be too careful with those pesky fleas. I don't like shots but if I'm good Mom will buy me a hamburger on the way home! I love hamburgers with cheese on them and I only get them after a trip to Dr. Karen's. Mom says they're not good for me to eat very often but a once in a while treat is okay.

Another part of planning the trip is deciding whether to fly or drive. Mom said she is going to get on her Travelocity site tonight and check airfares. I'm not a huge fan of flying. I'd rather drive so I can be close to Mom on the trip. I'm always afraid one of these days I'll get lost and Mom won't find me. I've heard stories about that happening. Mom has a chip in my ear she says will help keep that from happening. But you never know... Mom almost always drives if I go with her so I think we probably will this time also. If not, it may be time for more "puppy dog eyes."

After that, we have to choose a hotel. We are welcome to stay with Christine and baby John, but truthfully, although I love him, spending all day with a baby can be tough on a dog. So I'm glad that Mom is going to get a room where I can have some time to myself just to spend with her. I like our little vacations since it lets me have Mom to all to myself for a little part of each day. At home, I have to share her with Dad, and the grandkids (when the come to visit), and dad's dog Ginger who is lots bigger than me, and the cats and even some fish! I admit I'm a little spoiled. I was here first before all these others (except Dad) and I don't always like to share. In fact, sometimes I get a little cranky about it - especially if it's a treat or a new bone!

Hey! I almost forgot to share the news! I made a new friend! Her name is Aspen and she is a Yorkie which is a small dog like me. Except she is fancier than me because she is all Yorkie and has papers and everything. I am lots of different things (Dad says I'm a Heinz 57. I never heard of that kind of dog before) and I don't have papers - unless you count the newspapers Mom used to put down for me until I learned to go outside. Mom showed me Aspen's picture and she is cute. I wish she lived close enough to come visit since she's almost the same size as me. It would be fun to have a friend my own size to play with that wasn't a cat! Aspen has her own website though, just like I do. She talks about taking care of small dogs and living with her humans. You should check it out. Stop by and say hello and tell her Travelin' Bob sent you.

I guess that's all for now. It's almost dinner time and I need to be in the kitchen in case Mom drops anything on the floor. I get a lot of treats that way!