Friday, March 29, 2013

Aspen the Yorkie

I am not the only dog with a blog.  My friend Aspen also has one.  It's called "Aspen the Yorkie."

Even though Aspen is one of those furry rats like Austin, she is still pretty cool!  And her blog is full of great information, especially for small dogs like me.  And she is an older dog too - almost as old as me.  That means she has learned a lot so you need to listen to her.  Mom says older people have wisdom so older dogs probably do too! 

Aspen has taught me many things that make me feel better.  From her I found a new shampoo to help with my dry skin.  Both Austin and I get dry skin, especially in the winter, so this was wonderful information. 

I also learned that there is a real dog called a Dorkie!  I sometimes hear Dad call Austin Dorkie - and I think it's a good name for him.  I didn't know there is a "designer" dog called a Dorkie.  Don't tell Austin.  He will think he is a designer dog too!

I have also learned about eye irritations, and having my teeth cleaned (which I hate!).  Mom uses a spray and some special treats to help keep the plaque down but we still have to have them cleaned occasionally.

The best thing on her blog is the recipe she shared for Doggie Bagels.  These are YUMMY!  I love when Mom has time to make a batch for us.  She does make me share with Austin and Oscar.  But I make sure I get my fair share.

If you are a small dog, or an older dog, or a Yorkie dog, or a Dorkie dog, you can learn a lot from my friend Aspen.  I know you will like her as much as I do. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NWA is Singing for Spays!



WHERE: At Dog Party USA located at 912 S Maestri, Tonitown.

WHEN: Saturday, April 27 from 5:30 to 9 pm. Rain or shine.

WHY: Funds to support our goal of 5,000 surgeries in 2013

WHO CAN COME: All dog-friendly, vaccinated dogs are invited to bring their humans!

HOW MUCH: Admission - $25 cash or check



Information: 479-756-1100


You can help SpayArkansas by doing your online shopping with Participating stores, airlines, etc, contribute 1-5% to the charity of your choice. Go to to enroll.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Hit the Road

Spring is here!  Time to pile the pets in the car and head down the highway!  Follow these tips to make our trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

1.  Give your car a check-up.  Check your tires, the oil, and the air filter.  Breaking down on the side of the road with your pet in the car is not fun - for me or for you.
2.  Get me a check-up.  If it's been a while since my last trip to the vet, make sure I have a check-up before we leave.  I don't want to spend my vacation in a strange vet's office.  Neither do you.
3.  Bring my shot record or health certificate - just in case I do get sick or hurt, this will help the vet give me the best care
3.  Bypass the traffic jams.  I like riding in the car with Mom but not forever.  Google Maps offers real-time road conditions and traffic updates which allows you to avoid traffic jams that can make me nervous.
4.  Be ready for messes.  I will do my best, but accidents happen.  Be ready for messes by bringing a pooper scooper, wipes, paper towels, carpet deodorizer and ziplock bags to dispose of my - ahem - mistakes.
5.  Pack my food, water and snacks.  New food can upset my tummy.  Not to mention the inconvenience of having to shop for it.  Bring a bag or a few cans of my favorite food from home to keep us both happy.  It's also a good idea to bring some water in case I need a drink before we get to the next stop.  Make sure you bring a dish for me to eat and drink out of too!
6.  Plan where to sleep.  Mom likes to just get in the car and go with no planned agenda.  But this can make it hard when it's time to sleep.  Not all hotels welcome little dogs.  Make it easier on both of us by knowing which hotels are pet friendly.  Better yet - reserve our room in advance so there is no question that we will both have a place to curl up at night.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Visit Tucson, AZ with PopArtDiva, Pixel, and Tink!

Tucson, AZ is home to Mom's good friend - and my favorite graphic designer - Terri aka PopArtDiva.  She makes most of the designs for my store.  Mom can't even draw stick people very well so when she has an idea for a new shirt, she calls Terri and Terri turns it into art. 

When she isn't busy working on my designs she is a Mom too!  She takes care of Pixel and Stinky Tinky Cat.  Pixel is a Yorkshire terrier like Austin.  But despite the resemblance to the Rat, Pixel is my friend.  Stinky Tinky Cat adopted Terri and Pixel one day herself.  She arrived on their doorstop, decided she liked having them as family, and never left.  That's how cats work.  We have been adopted ourselves like this a few times! 

Mom and I have been to Tucson in the past and look forward to going again.  Not just to see Terri, Pixel, and Tink, although that would be reason enough.  But Tucson is a great place to visit, especially if you are bringing your family.

When visiting Tucson, Mom and I recommend that you stay at the Loews Ventana Canyon.  Mom says the rooms are good and the beds are comfortable.  Plus there is a coffee maker in the room.  If you know my Mom and her coffee then you know this is important!  I like it because they love me!  They treat me like a king when I am there.  I can have room service.  They give me treats and bones.  There are places where I can go for a walk.  I even get a tag when I check in.  It's the best service ever!  Mom says they treat all pets the same way, but I think I get a little extra special attention.  But if you tell them Bob sent you, I bet you will get the special treatment too.  The hotel does charge an extra $25 if you travel with your Mom and Dad, but this is to cover the costs of the extra special cleaning each room gets before you check in.  And they do limit the number of pets to 2 per room.  But that is good.  Who wants to sleep with a roomful of critters?

Once you get settled in your room, there are lots of things to do.  One of my favorites is a trip to Sabino Canyon.  Mom and I like to walk and there is plenty to see here.  Mom says there are even bears here but I have never seen one.  Just to be safe though, you need to wear your leash when you are out and about.  You wouldn't want to lose your Mom or Dad if a bear came!

Another place we like to go is the Pima Air and Space Museum.  Mom and Dad both love airplanes and rockets so this is the perfect place for all of us.  Dogs are allowed at the outdoor exhibits.  Since there are 80 acres of planes to visit, there is enough to keep us all happy.  I get a good walk and Mom and Dad get to look at planes.

Sometimes, Mom and I just like to go for a ride.  There is a great place to do that in Tucson too.  The Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway is one of the most beautiful drives in the country.  And there are lots of places where I can get out and take a short walk to stretch my legs.  It's nice and relaxing with just me and Mom in the car looking out the windows and listening to the radio or just talking.  Ok, she does the talking.  I just listen.

There are also several dog parks in Tucson.  I love having a park just for me.  We like the Anamax Bark Park.  This is a one acre park divided into two areas - one for large dogs and one for small dogs like me.  There are shade ramadas in both sections with seating, water fountains for the owners and their four legged friends. Waste stations are provided so owners can pick up after their dogs.

Although I bring my own food with me and even though the hotel will bring me room service, I look forward to one tasty treat while we are in Tucson - a bite of Mom's sandwich from Baggin's Gourmet.
Mom is a big fan of the Almost Reuben or the Anasazi Chicken.  Dad always gets the Baggin's Club.  I don't care what they get as long as I get to share.  I like them all!

I can taste the sandwich already.  Terri, Pixel, Tink - are you ready for a visit?