Thursday, September 8, 2011

Responsible Dog Onwership Days

While I was in the pound, I saw many dogs come in that were not treated responsibly by their owners.  And I see more out here.  Dogs that are allowed to run free with no tags that were picked up by animal control and brought to the pound.  Mom and I sometimes see dead dogs on the side of the road where they were hit by cars.  Dad told me that one of the stray dogs here was shot by a neighbor because he was allowed to run and would chase the neighbor's horses.  We get to run in a big fenced yard so we are safe and don't bother anyone else.

Dad has a friend whose dog is so fat he can hardly walk.  When we visit Dad will tell him he needs to stop feeding Butch ice cream and chips.  But Dad's friend says he hates to see Butch begging and he likes his treats.  Dr. Karen told Mom to put me on a diet when I was only a few pounds overweight.  I wonder what she would say about Butch!

These are just two examples of irresponsible dog ownership.  To help put an end to this kind of behaviour the AKC is once again hosting Responsible Dog Ownership Days.  AKC invites and encourages all dog and pet-related organizations to commemorate AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days by holding a community event that publicly promotes responsible dog ownership anytime during the month of September.

We will be doing our part.  Throughout the rest of the month we will be writing about responsible dog ownership, sharing news of events being held, and listing ideas for events to help others get involved.  And Mom has even said I can host a contest!  I'll be sharing more about that tomorrow.

Last year, more than 550 dog clubs and other organizations hosted events reaching millions of dog lovers and potential pet owners through extensive media coverage. Dog lovers also posted thousands of "Acts of Responsible Dog Ownership" on Facebook and Twitter. 

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to interact with the public and gain positive exposure for your club, breed and the AKC. Your participation will help this worthwhile program continue to gain momentum each year, benefiting dogs and dog owners everywhere!

For further information about AKC RDO Days please contact Stephanie Smith at 212-696-8228 or  And stay tuned to this blog!


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