Monday, September 14, 2009

Adopt a Friend from Marietta, GA

Last week you met my friend and woman of wisdom, Debra Stokes and her grand-dog, Rex.  Now it's time to meet some other friends - friends who desperately need a  home.  Our newest partner shelter is the Cobb County Animal Control Unit.  Located at 1060 Al Bishop Drive,  Cobb County Animal Control houses lost, abandoned and unwanted animals of Cobb County - Marietta, Georgia.

Cobb County Animal Control has many adoptable cats and dogs. Those shown here are only a few of the many adoptable animals housed at the shelter. The adoption prices: Dogs 12 months and older $40.00 Puppy under 12 months $30.00 Cat 12 months and older $35.00 Kitten under 12 months $30.00 This includes the first set of shots and worming. Most animals are Microchipped. Take a look at each of these furry bundles of love and then visit Cobb County Animal Control for your next pet!

Nina is a white/tan Pointer mix. Nina is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.  I think she looks like my friend Beauty, the Jack Russell that lives with me and Mom and Dad.  That's why I hope she finds a home soon!

Alizay is a 9 month old white Pitbull. I don't normally like pitbulls.  But the people at Cobb County Animal Control say she is a sweet girl. Alizay is up-to-date with routine shots.

Just look at Wafer's eyes!  She is saying '"I just want a family to love me, please."  Won't you take her home?  Wafer is a 2 year old black retriever mix. Wafer is up-to-date with routine shots.

I used to have a kitty named Snowflake too!  She was all fuzzy and pretty.  This Snowflake is pretty too - just like mine.  Snow Flake is a beautiful and sweet 3 year old white dlh. Snow Flake is up-to-date with routine shots.

I have been blessed to be adopted by a wonderful mom and dad.  Please be a blessing to one of my friends in Marietta. 

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