Monday, August 31, 2009

Explore Marietta, GA with Debra Stokes, Rex, and Me!

It's time to meet another one of Mom's friends from the Divas of Boomer Diva Nation! This week we are off to Marietta, GA to meet Debra Stokes and Rex. Rex is actually Debra's granddog. As she says, "The 'Most Handsome Pound Dog in the Universe' is Rex, my Grand dog. Rex was rescued from a pound in Auburn, Alabama, by my daughter when she should have been getting a college education!"

The other doggie in Deb's life is Nicky, a Cairn terrier. Nicky is no longer with Debra and her family. He suffered a stroke about two years ago. But he lived with Debra for 16 years and she still misses him.

Debra is very involved with a group on LinkedIn called Women of Wisdom. She established this group to provide a forum where they share the lessons they have learned along their Christian journey. And she writes a great blog which you can read at And her business, Eloge Enterprises, has two great products that Mom said she wishes had been available when she needed them. Mom says they would have been a God-send. I'm not sure what they are for exactly, but if Mom says they are great then you definitely need to check them out: Glistens and Kool-nex.

They all live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta – Marietta or May-retta, if you’re a local. Debra says, "We have lots of parks and nature trails along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. This is a very pet-friendly area. We’ve had the same vet for nearly 20 years and they still take care of our pets without requiring that we pay before we walk out of the door!!!!!! It’s like family."

Sounds like Marietta, GA is a great place for a little dog to visit! Actually, Marietta is not far from Atlanta. Mom and I have been here before. And when we come we stay at the Homestead Studio Suites Atlanta-Marietta-Powers Ferry. Mom was very nervous the first time we stayed there. A room with a king-size bed for under $50 a night? But this was a last minute trip and it was all that was available. What a surprise we had. While it is definitely no-frills, it was neat, clean, and best of all - they take pets. One pet is allowed in each guest room and when you bring a pet, there will be a non-refundable cleaning fee charged upon check-in on the first night. This charge will be $25 dollars for each night of your stay but will not exceed $150. Weight, size and breed restrictions may apply.

There's a grocery store nearby so I can get my favorite food without having to pack a lot of stuff with me. And on the nights Mom wanted to eat out, there were several restaurants close.

Marietta has a great dog park for me to play in. Sweat Mountain Dog Park was Marietta's first official off-leash dog park. It has an area for big dogs and a separate area for little guys like me. And it has benches for Mom to sit on so she can watch me play.

When we are not at the park, we sometimes walk the Silver Comet Trail. It's one of the top trails in the country. I have to wear my leash because lots of different folks use the trail. Mom and I just walk, but there are joggers, bikers, and skaters using it too. So I let Mom put my leash on me so I don't get run over!

Next time you're in Georgia, stop by Marietta and visit my friends, Debra and Rex. She say you are welcome in Cobb County!

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