Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are Aluminum Dog Tags Safe?

I love my red collar with it's shiny dog tags.  Mom says they are made of stainless steel.  She says she pays a bit more for them, but I'm worth it.  In fact all five of us wear stainless steel tags.  Mom even bought one for the rat!

My friend Snickers doesn't have a shiny tag like mine.  His dad says Snickers' tags are made of something called aluminum.  Mom and I like Snickers and his dad, so Mom explained to him why my tags are a better buy.

When you buy a dog tag for your dog, it's because you want to be returned to us safely if you get lost, right?  It's not a necklace or some sort of decoration.  It has a purpose.  If I lose Mom, I want someone to know how to find her again.  That's why I wear my name and Mom's name, address and phone number on my tag.  I've had my tag for a long time - almost as long as I can remember.  At least as long as we have lived in the country house.  Mom says it still looks as good as when she first bought it. 

Stainless steel doesn't rust.  And I can't chew it up (even if I could reach it.  I have a CollarTag™ so that's almost impossible!).  But Mom says aluminum is soft - one of the softest metals available.  She told Snickers' dad to think about how easy it is to crush an aluminum can.  Mom says aluminum tags wear out very quickly.  She says the writing gets harder to read the longer the tag is worn - and most people don't think to change their dogs' tags regularly.  Pretty soon you can't even read what's there.  So when you lose your mom or dad, no one will be able to help you find them because they can't read where your mom or dad are. 

Mom says she gets lots of questions asking if aluminum dog tags are safe.  The problem is not safety of the tags.  It's the fact that they are so cheaply made and wear out so quickly that it's not safe to wear them because you don't know if anyone can read what it says.  Aluminum is okay.  It's not being able to find your mom or dad that isn't safe!

What tag should you buy?  One like mine if you can.  CollarTags™ from Boomerang Tags.  Mom says they are the best dog tag available.  But if you can't get the CollarTags™, please check out their selection of plastic, stainless steel, or brass tags.  Anything but aluminum!    
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