Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Every Dog Should Have a Human

Most dogs want a human at some point in their lives. If you have been considering adopting a human family, I highly recommend it!

Dogs who have humans are happier, healthier, and live longer than stray dogs. And since dog owners also tend to be happier, healthier, and to live longer, it's a win-win combination! The properly trained and socialized human makes a loyal, loving and faithful companion and guardian. The daily responsibility of owning a human brings great joy and comfort to many dogs. Providing our humans with love and companionship can be challenging at times, but seeing the smiles on their faces as they pet you, or hearing the love in their voices as they call your
name makes it all worthwhile.

Humans are a dog's best friend. That's a fact! They may not chase squirrels with you or dig for buried smelly things in the yard, but there are so many other things you can do together. My mom and I share all sorts of adventures. She has added so much to my life.

Before my mom came and brought me home, I never got to go for a long walk. Now mom and I walk almost every night. I love sharing this time with her. And she says that walking with me has helped her lose weight, get in better shape, and relieve stress.

Before I came to live with my mom, everyday was pretty much the same. But now I have responsibilities like waking her up in the morning, sleeping by her feet at night to help keep her warm, and sitting next to her in her chair to keep things from bothering her. I know it sounds like a lot of work. But she is always so happy to see me that it makes me happy too! And the more I wag my tail and nuzzle her, the happier she seems to be.

Mom protects me from bigger dogs and mean people who would hurt me. She makes sure I have my shots and trips to Dr. Karen so I don't get sick. She brushes and bathes me so I don't have fleas or ticks. And I help take care of her by barking when something or someone comes in our yard that doesn't belong there. When we walk, I can spot snakes or skunks or other things before she does and I stop and bark so she doesn't run into them. And I can always tell when a bad storm is coming and I let her know by running in through the pet door as soon as it starts raining! When she is sick, I stay by her so she doesn't feel lonely. And when she can't eat all her food, I eat her leftovers so she doesn't have to waste them. When she's not home, I guard the house for her and bark at everyone that comes there to let them know that mom has a dog on duty! I know I am small, but when I bark, Ginger barks too, and she is a BIG dog. When she barks, it scares people!

I love to help mom with her housework too. When she makes the bed, I help by grabbing the blanket in my mouth and pulling it across the bed. She sometimes gets a little annoyed because she says I am pulling it the wrong way. But most days she says thanks for helping to make the bed. And I help her remember to keep her socks and things picked up so she doesn't lose them. If she forgets and drops them on the floor, I will take them and hide them for her so they don't get lost.

When I was kept in a cage, every day was so boring. But now everyday is fun! She knows how to fetch and play catch and shake hands. She's really pretty smart for a human! Sometimes we just go outside and romp around the yard together or just sit on the porch in the sun. I help her when she's digging in her garden. It took me a while to learn that I can't just dig in there whenever I want to. Some things that I thought were weeds were actually things she had planted. But even when we just sit together and read or watch TV, we still have a good time.

Just remember - they are only human after all. So take good care of them and train them well. Give them lots of love and affection. Let them know how much they mean to you. Train them to walk on a leash, relax in the sun, enjoy a good nap, and teach them how to give proper nose kisses. You'll be rewarded with a lifetime of companionship that can't be beat!
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