Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We're Ready. Are You?

It's been raining here a lot lately.  Mom says it's one of the wettest springs we've ever had.  And there is more rain coming this weekend!  But it's not as bad here as it has been in other areas.  Mom's sister and her cats live in Texas where there have been floods.  Of course she is ready in case it gets bad enough that she has to leave.  But Mom was worried about the cats.  Were they ready too?

That is a question that every pet owner needs to ask.  Are you ready to take care of everyone, including your pets, in the event of an emergency?  Mom has an emergency kit for her and Dad.  She calls it her "go bag."  I sneaked a peek in it the other day and was upset when I didn't see any supplies in it for me and the other pets.  But then Mom explained that we have our own go bags - one for the dogs and one for the cats.  I feel better now.  Mom is ready!

But are you ready?  Just in case you're not sure, Mom and I are providing the list of what's in my "go bag."  The contents are based on recommendations by the American Humane Association and have everything I need to be safe in an emergency. 

  1. My food
  2. Water
  3. My leash and collar
  4. My bowls
  5. Photos.  Photos of me and photos of me and Mom
  6. My vet records and shot card
  7. My carrier (actually my bag is stored inside my carrier!)
  8. A first aid kit
  9. Contact list of pet-friendly hotels, veterinarians, American Red Cross, American Humane Association and out-of-town friends/family
  10. Irene and Lady are older dogs and need medication so we also have their pills in the bag.
  11. One of my favorite toys
  12. Rope
  13. Pooper Scooper and disposal bags

Additional links to help keep animals safe before, during and after a disaster can be found on American Humane Association’s website.  Mom and I urge every pet owner to prepare before problems arise to keep your entire family, including the fur babies, safe and healthy.
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