Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm A Great Outdoors Dog!

It's summer and that means Mom and Dad will be spending more time outdoors.  Hiking, fishing, canoeing - they love being outside.  And sometimes I get to go with them!

I love being outdoors with my Mom and Dad!  They make sure that I have everything I need to be safe and comfortable while spending time with them. 

Of course, I can't go everywhere with them.  I go out in the boat with them or over on "the hill."  And some of the state parks will let me visit.  But not all outdoor destinations allow dogs.  And the ones that do have rules - which usually means they have to wear the leash when I am with them.  I really don't mind.  Bob taught me long ago that having Mom on a leash is a good thing!  That way she can't wander off and get lost!  Most parks and campgrounds will say on their website whether or not they allow dogs, so check before you go.  If you need a list of places that do allow dogs, there are lots of sites on the internet.  My favorite is  They make it easy to find dog-friendly campgrounds, beaches, and attractions.

Of course, the outdoors if home to all kinds of nasty things.  Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, snakes - yuck!  We live in the country so Mom already keeps me protected from all of these things.  I get medicine every month to keep the fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes away.  I don't think there is a medicine for snakes but the cats and Dad do a good job of making sure they don't bite me.  And if Mom finds one it's all over!  She does not like snakes - especially near the house!  But if you are not an outdoor dog, make sure you get nasty pest medicine before you go.  And maybe take a cat - or my Mom - along to watch out for snakes!

Whenever we go on an outdoor adventure, Mom always packs my backpack.  She makes sure I have food and water, a pooper scooper and disposal bags, my tags (even though I'm chipped, we all have tags too!), my toy, and even my hat and some sunscreen. (Yes, dogs can get sunburned too).  I'm kind of small so Mom does not make me carry my own backpack.  She normally puts mine in with hers.  If we are going to be gone overnight or longer, she also brings my brush and my blankie - all the comforts of home!

Thanks to Mom knowing how to make my time outdoors safe and comfortable, I am a great outdoors dog.  You can teach your Mom and Dad how to do the same things my Mom does.  Then you and your family can share awesome outdoor adventures together too!


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