Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love is Soft Warm Blanket

My favorite blanket in the whole world is the one Mom made just for me.  It has pretty colors in it and it's soft and warm.  I love it and take it with me wherever we go.  Best of all - Mom made it just for me!

I wish I'd had a blanket like this when I was in the shelter.  It would have been wonderful to have a soft warm blanket to cuddle into when I was alone and afraid.

Right now, Mom and some friends are making blankets for Project Linus.  These blankets will be given to needy children.  Mom found out about them when she worked for the Girl Scouts.  All the girls made blankets and they donated them.  Mom and some of the ladies have been making blankets for them ever since. 

This gave me a great idea!  What if Mom and her friends made blankets like mine and donated them to animal shelters?  And what if I wrote about it and asked all my friends to do the same?  Then lots of little dogs - and cats - could have a soft, warm blanket to snuggle up with.

Mom and I looked and there are  lots of patterns on Pinterest - Mom's new favorite place to hangout.  So after they are done with the blankets for Project Linus, they are going to make some for our local animal shelter.  Won't you join us?  If everyone made just one blanket (or bought one if you are not crafty) and donated it,that would be HUNDREDS of pets with soft warm blankets. 

*Puppy dog eyes*  Pleeaassee???  Warm nose kisses to everyone who donates!
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