Sunday, May 5, 2013

Do You Have Some Spare Time and Love Animals?

You can help animals in need.  How?  Volunteer!  Every animal shelter Mom and I have visited needs volunteers. 

Shelters all over the country rely on volunteers to help with their lifesaving programs. Each year, thousands of volunteers donate their time and talent to help their local shelter help the animals and they get tremendous personal satisfaction from doing so. We encourage you to join us and become a lifesaving volunteer. Whether you're interested in helping with adoption counseling or socializing kitties, any shelter would love to have you as part of their volunteer family.

Every shelter we have visited told us that volunteers are essential and they could not help the many dogs and cats without them. There are many soothing hands and dedicated hearts that go into rescuing dogs and cats. They realize that everyone has various amounts of time and skills to offer and they appreciate everyone for their efforts great and small.  Donations of time and talent are worth every bit as much to us as donations of money and supplies.

Volunteering is very rewarding.  Most shelters have an organized volunteer program with staff who will help you choose the right volunteer opportunity.  They will also provide you with training and support.  And the animals will provide you with unconditional love every step of your journey.

To find the volunteer opportunity that is right for you, contact your local shelter.  Or click on "Shelters and Rescues" at

Do you have some spare time and love animals?  Don't just sit there - volunteer!
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