Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Hit the Road

Spring is here!  Time to pile the pets in the car and head down the highway!  Follow these tips to make our trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

1.  Give your car a check-up.  Check your tires, the oil, and the air filter.  Breaking down on the side of the road with your pet in the car is not fun - for me or for you.
2.  Get me a check-up.  If it's been a while since my last trip to the vet, make sure I have a check-up before we leave.  I don't want to spend my vacation in a strange vet's office.  Neither do you.
3.  Bring my shot record or health certificate - just in case I do get sick or hurt, this will help the vet give me the best care
3.  Bypass the traffic jams.  I like riding in the car with Mom but not forever.  Google Maps offers real-time road conditions and traffic updates which allows you to avoid traffic jams that can make me nervous.
4.  Be ready for messes.  I will do my best, but accidents happen.  Be ready for messes by bringing a pooper scooper, wipes, paper towels, carpet deodorizer and ziplock bags to dispose of my - ahem - mistakes.
5.  Pack my food, water and snacks.  New food can upset my tummy.  Not to mention the inconvenience of having to shop for it.  Bring a bag or a few cans of my favorite food from home to keep us both happy.  It's also a good idea to bring some water in case I need a drink before we get to the next stop.  Make sure you bring a dish for me to eat and drink out of too!
6.  Plan where to sleep.  Mom likes to just get in the car and go with no planned agenda.  But this can make it hard when it's time to sleep.  Not all hotels welcome little dogs.  Make it easier on both of us by knowing which hotels are pet friendly.  Better yet - reserve our room in advance so there is no question that we will both have a place to curl up at night.

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