Friday, March 29, 2013

Aspen the Yorkie

I am not the only dog with a blog.  My friend Aspen also has one.  It's called "Aspen the Yorkie."

Even though Aspen is one of those furry rats like Austin, she is still pretty cool!  And her blog is full of great information, especially for small dogs like me.  And she is an older dog too - almost as old as me.  That means she has learned a lot so you need to listen to her.  Mom says older people have wisdom so older dogs probably do too! 

Aspen has taught me many things that make me feel better.  From her I found a new shampoo to help with my dry skin.  Both Austin and I get dry skin, especially in the winter, so this was wonderful information. 

I also learned that there is a real dog called a Dorkie!  I sometimes hear Dad call Austin Dorkie - and I think it's a good name for him.  I didn't know there is a "designer" dog called a Dorkie.  Don't tell Austin.  He will think he is a designer dog too!

I have also learned about eye irritations, and having my teeth cleaned (which I hate!).  Mom uses a spray and some special treats to help keep the plaque down but we still have to have them cleaned occasionally.

The best thing on her blog is the recipe she shared for Doggie Bagels.  These are YUMMY!  I love when Mom has time to make a batch for us.  She does make me share with Austin and Oscar.  But I make sure I get my fair share.

If you are a small dog, or an older dog, or a Yorkie dog, or a Dorkie dog, you can learn a lot from my friend Aspen.  I know you will like her as much as I do. 

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