Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mean Mr. Dog Catcher

Mom keeps us inside a nice, fenced yard.  We are not allowed to run free around the neighborhood.  It's a big yard so we have lots of room to run and when it's hot, or cold, or raining, we have a pet door that leads into the heated and air-conditioned garage so we are out of the weather.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for many of the dogs in our neighborhood.  We watch them run up and down the road.  And we hope that the mean dog catcher doesn't get them.

Except, maybe the mean dog catcher isn't so mean.  Mom told me that next week (April 12-18) is National Animal Control Appreciation Week.  Why would you have a whole week to celebrate mean dog catchers?  That's just not right!  So Mom and I did some research.

The dog catcher that cruises the neighborhood rounding up all the stray dogs and hauling them off to the dog pound to be locked in cages until they are put to sleep pretty much only exists in cartoons.  Today's animal control officers work hard to ensure that animals in general, not just dogs, are safe.  Yes, they do still pick up strays that are roaming the neighborhood.  But when they do, they work hard to reunite them with their owners.  Sometimes these strays are injured and sick and the animal control officers will rescue them so they can receive the medical attention they need.  They also investigate cases of animal neglect and cruelty, and help educate the public about laws concerning pets.  They must really love us to do all this for us.  Especially when they can be bitten, or clawed, or scratched by the animals they are trying to help.  I hope they know we don't mean it.  We are just scared and maybe hurt.

So this week, instead of running from Mean Mr. Dog Catcher, ask your Mom and Dad to say thank you for helping to take care of us.  Mean Mr. Dog Catcher isn't so mean.  He's actually very nice! 


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