Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year - New Changes!

It's been a while since my last post.  The last few months have been difficult ones for me and my Mom and Dad.  Lots of illness and time spent in hospitals and doctor's places.  Hard things for Mom and Dad to have to talk about and think about and decide what to do.  I tried to help as much as I could by cuddling up with Mom or Dad when I saw they were troubled and letting them know they were loved and needed.

Last night was better though.  Mom and Dad said it was New Year's Eve.  There was food, and people wearing funny hats, and lots of noise.  And at midnight Mom kissed Dad, and then all the kids and grandkids and said 'Happy New Year!"  And then she picked me up and I kissed her nose and she said told me Happy New Year and things would be better now. 

Everyone left shortly after that, and Mom and I sat in her chair.  She talked to me and called me her special boy.  She reminded me of how long I had been part of the family.  It made me think.  I am an old dog.  I may not look my age, but I'm getting up there in years.  And just like Mom has Austin now to help with things I can't do anymore, I've decided to have Mom make some changes here also.

Mom has been teaching Austin all about traveling, so he know all about it now - almost as much as I do.  He is going to start sharing his travel experiences with us so that when I get too old to go as much as I used to, Austin can carry on. 

We've have also decided to let some of the others share their experience.  When Mom first brought Oscar home, he had been sharing an apartment with Jessica, Mom's baby.  Oscar knows all about dog friendly apartments and what makes a good town for a dog to live in.  He'll be sharing that knowledge with all of us on our new website.

Beauty is old - even older than I am.  But she is still pretty spunky.  That's because she knows all about how to stay healthy and strong, even when you're her age.  Beauty will be sharing the latest in health, grooming, and nutrition tips - all of her secrets that keep her so young at heart.

Ginger is big.  I mean REALLY big.  But thankfully, she is very well behaved.  If not, she could hurt one of us just because she is so much bigger than the rest of us.  She'll be teaching other dogs how to behave well and maybe even do some tricks like when she dances with Mom. 

And of course we have The Rat - I mean Austin.  Not only will he be helping me with the travel tips, but he will have an entire section of his own for kids.  Austin loves kids and they seem to like him.  He'll be sharing our adventures with them, and teaching them how to care for their pets, and giving them lots of fun things to do.

Along with this, we'll have some guest appearances by the others in our family - the cats: Iris, Little Bitty Kitty, Bogart, Buddy, and JoyBelle.  The racoons - George and Gracie.  The possum.  Our friends - Pixel, Aspen, Copper and Tink.  Even Shiloh the grumpy grasshopper might stop by.

We are working very hard to get the new site ready.  Mom says now that the holidays are over and everyone is well again, she will spend all her spare time getting it done.  Meanwhile, I'll introduce you to Oscar, Austin, Ginger, Beauty and the rest in our blog.

Everyone is excited about their part in our new project.  We hope you will be as excited about it as we are.

Happy New Year!
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