Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Visit to Tyler, Texas with Betty Lynch and Copper

It's time to meet another one of Mom's friends from the Divas of Boomer Diva Nation! This week we are off to Tyler, Texas to meet Betty Lynch and Copper.
Betty is the creator and author of My Country Kitchen. She makes all kinds of yummy things to eat. Then she shares how to do that with her friends. She has taught Mom how to make all kinds of good snacks for me. My favorite is Grandma's Meatballs. I love meatballs, and the ones Ms. Betty taught Mom to make are the best!

Betty is also a mom, just like my Mom. She takes care of Copper. Betty rescued Copper in May of 2008. Her vet found him standing in the middle of the road, stopped and picked him so he would not get run over. They ran ads and no one called for him. Knowing Betty had just lost her last pet, the vet called her and told her about Copper. It was love at first sight. Although Betty has realized that Copper had been mistreated as he runs from everyone who comes in her house, Copper is adjusting well and she loves him to death.

Betty sent Mom some information about Tyler.

"We are located in East Texas, also known as the Bible belt. It is a mid size city, population about 100,000. Also known as the Rose Capital of the world. The farming industry is roses. We have a beautiful rose garden that is the home to many, many years worth of beautiful and expensive beaded ball gowns from the previous rose queens.

Our city is also the home of a beautiful Tyler Zoo, oil refinery, medical community, large legal field, ranchers and some of the nicest people you could ever expect to meet. We have Tyler Junior College, Texas College, University of Texas at Tyler, along with a number of private schools. Our city is so clean and we have managed to keep smog to a minimum.

Many things to enjoy in Tyler including, museums, stage performers, concerts, traveling shows, E.T. Fair, tennis, football, basketball, soccer, both indoor and out, golf courses, bowling, miniature golf, skating, pottery, craft fairs, azalea trails, boating, wineries with lots of one of a kind shops.

Winters are very mild, however our summers get very hot with temperatures at 100 plus degrees with high humidity."

When we go to Texas, we don't normally stay in a hotel. Mom has lots of friends and family in Texas. But for those of you who don't Mom did some research and found the perfect place for you to stay - The Holiday Inn Select - Tyler. Mom found out that they have big comfy beds with lots of pillows just the way I like. And when Mom called to talk to them about bringing me, she said the people on the phone were very friendly and helpful. That's always a good sign. If the staff is friendly to me on the phone, they usually are once we actually visit the hotel as well.

Along with all of the great things to do that Betty listed, Mom found a park we can go to. Mom and I love to walk in the park. Some parks even have cabins or let Mom bring her tent and we stay for a few days. Tyler State Park has all the things that make parks great for me - hiking trails which I love, even though I do have to wear my leash. And Mom found out the park has raccoons! We have a raccoon at home. He is an outside semi-pet that Dad found when he was a baby. Mom and Dad didn't put him in a cage. They said he was big enough to be on his own with some help. So now he comes and sits on the porch with us at night and eats cat food out of his bowl. I like raccoons. I'm glad the park in Tyler has some. It would make staying there sort of like being at home.

I hope Mom will take a trip to Texas soon. Then maybe we can stop in Tyler and visit Ms. Betty and Copper. And maybe she'll teach Mom how to make some more yummy things to eat!
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