Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom and Bob and Boomer Living - What Fun!

There's a great new resource for baby boomers available. just went "live" recently and it's wonderful. My Mom is a baby boomer (and a Diva!) and she says it's already been valuable to her.

You might some familar faces when you visit! Most of you know my Mom, Melodieann Whiteley, is a meeting planner and site selection specialist. That means she travels - a lot! Thanks to a partnership between the Divas of Boomer Diva Nation and the editors of, she shares those experiences with everyone through the Boomer Adventure column. She writes about the different places that make great trips for boomers and offers suggestions on where to stay, what to visit, and even where and what to eat. Mom has traveled widely for many years and she knows how to do so inexpensively and comfortably. Look for her recommendations at

There are a few other faces you might recognize - there's quite an assortment of Divas sharing their wisdom and experiences with the readers of BDN founder Beverly Mahone blogs about "Making Your Mess Your Message." I'm not sure what that means exactly. Mom doesn't like it when I make messes. I need to read Bev's blog so I can learn to make it my message. Then maybe Mom won't be so upset!

And Mom's friend and fellow Diva Rhea Becker shares her thoughts on all things 'boomer' with her blog "Boomers with a View." Mom just read me her story about the boomer pilot that saved the lives of his passengers by safely landing his plane in the Hudson river after it hit a flock of birds. Who knew a flock of birds could bring down a plane? (One more reason why I prefer to drive when we travel. I am not a bird-dog!) You can catch up with Bev and Rhea in the Coffee House

What's that? You say you see one more familiar face in the Coffee House? Yes, you're correct. That's me! I also have a blog on I am a boomer too, after all. And each week I'll be talking about my adventures traveling with my Mom, and offering advice on training your people to travel well and suggestion on how to take the best care of your Mom and Dad. I'm very excited that Mr. Doug (that's the guy who runs this whole thing) thought my blog was interesting enough to include. Ms. Bev, does this make me a Diva too? Oh...Mom just told me that only girls can be Divas. I guess I'll just have to settle for being Bob.

Please stop by and check us all out. And let us know that you did - tell Mom, and Bev, and Rhea, and Mr. Doug that you heard about them here at The Adventures of Traveling Bob!
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