Sunday, January 4, 2009

Even Dogs Fall in Love with Hot Springs!

This week we're taking a "virtual" trip to Hot Springs, AR! It's one of the first places Mom and Dad went after we moved here. They loved it so of course, after they adopted me, they had to to take me there to see what's so special about it. The answer - EVERYTHING. Hot Springs is a very friendly place - especially to little dogs!

You may have already noticed that Mom and I REALLY like staying at the Embassy Suites. It's not different when we go to Hot Springs. The Embassy Suites there is great - just like they always are. The Embassy Suites Hot Springs is located right in Hot Springs National Park. And it's just a few miles down the road to some of my favorite places to visit. All the rooms are suites which means I have plenty of room to stretch after our drive. And of course, it has three essentials for my comfort...nice cozy beds, a refrigerator for my snacks, and a TV. All the comforts of home. Pets up to 75 pounds are welcome, which means even big old Ginger can come with us sometimes. There is a $35 dollar per day charge, but Mom says I'm worth it, and besides, that includes a bed (which I never use - I sleep with Mom) and a pooch pack! You can check it out for yourself at Tell them Bob sent you!

When we are really going to relax and get away then we do something special - we rent a cabin! I love it when Mom and Dad take me there. We stay at Five Points Lake Cabins - right on the lake. Take a look at the picture and you'll see just how gorgeous it is. Dad takes me fishing and

Mom and I go swimming. At night, we curl up in front of the fireplace and Mom reads, while Dad and I just relax. They even stock the refrigerator for your breakfast with eggs, bacon, English muffins, cinnamon rolls, milk, and orange juice, and also provide regular and decaf coffee for the coffeemaker! Once again, Mom has to pay a little bit extra for me. But any place that leaves me bacon can charge Mom anything they want! (Sorry Mom - but you know how much I love bacon!). If you want to learn more, email them at Or call them at (501) 525-1622. Make sure you tell them that I told you about them!

Besides fishing and swimming, there are other things to do in Hot Springs. Sometimes we go for a cruise! We ride a riverboat on the same lake where the cabins are. It's called the Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat ( and I can go as long as I stay on the outside deck and always wear my leash. It's fun to ride around the lake and look at everything, especially the mountains.

Mom loves gardens so just about everytime we go she has to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens ( It's a big garden, lots bigger than Mom's! We go there to walk around and look at all the beautiful flowers. I like sitting on the benches in the Nature Preserve. Mom's favorite is the Garden of the Pine Wind. Dad doesn't have a favorite. He just goes to keep Mom happy. He'd rather be fishing! There is a charge of $4.50 per pet and I must be kept on a leash at all times. I'm not allowed in the Gift shop. I have to stay on the pathways and Mom has to clean up after me. But still it's lots of fun!

Very soon (hopefully) there will be a dog park in Hot Springs. Mom says people are working hard to make the Hot Springs Bark Park. The land is ready, but they need to raise money for a parking lot, fencing, benches, water stations and a whole host of other things before it's done. You can help. Buy A Brick for only $55.00 and we'll have it laser engraved with your name or your pet's name, and place it in the park permanently! Mom says she's going to have my name put on one. That will be cool! My name in the dog park for everyone to see! I'll have to have her take me to see it when it's done so I can get a picture.

As you can see, Hot Springs is a great place. But as with all cities, it has it's share of pets looking for homes. So next week, I'll be telling you about some Hot Springs furry friends that would love to show you around their town - after you adopt them, of course!


Aspen the Yorkie said...

Aspen and I want to know if you have ever been to Glenwood Springs in Colorado? They have a wonderful, big pool fed by hot springs, we have visited there several times when my inlaws were living in Glenwood. Felt great! Thanks for sharing another fun traveling idea!

Anonymous said...

hi loved the way you tell your story through the eyes of travelling Bob. I just wrote a novel featuring a dog Rover Rob and I really think they have a lot in common Bob and him. Why not introducing them?:)