Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hilton Goes Pet Friendly!


Hilton's new Pet Friendly program makes it easier for Mom to take me to spend time away from home! Hilton Hotels and Resorts announced today plans to welcome me and my friends into hotels in the Americas by this summer. And they plan to roll out the Pet Friendly program to some if their international hotels too! Maybe I'll get to travel to Paris! Of course I'd have to fly so I'll have to really think about that...

Mom won’t be the only one to feel rejuvenated as each pet-friendly room is loaded with specially-designed upscale amenities sure to please the most pampered dog or cat. Designed exclusively for Hilton by famed artist William Wegman (best known for his striking photographs of Weimaraner dogs) the Hilton Pet Friendly collection will include a stain-, water- and microbial-resistant pet bed, as well as food and water bowls with placemat, and an exclusive pet amenity kit complete with dog waste clean-up bags and treats. The bed, placemat and amenity kits are produced by Crypton Fabrics and made with its patented performance fabric. For guests who want to recreate their stay at home, the pet beds will be available for purchase on https://mail.helmsbriscoe.com/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.hiltontohome.com/, alongside Hilton’s Serenity Collection® mattress and other exclusive, in-room amenities.

Participating Hiltons will also offer pet concierge service with information about local dog runs, veterinarian offices and pet boutiques.

A select amount of Pet Friendly rooms will be designated in each participating Hilton hotel and along with the standard room cleaning procedures, the rooms will undergo a deep cleaning – including carpets, drapery and all upholstered furniture – after each pet guest has checked out. All Pet Friendly rooms will feature a special door hanger alerting hotel staff to the furry guest within.

I guess I know which hotel Mom will be choosing from now on! Yeah Hilton!

For more information on Hilton’s Pet Friendly program, contact my Mom at mwhiteley@helmsbriscoe.com!


Kathie said...

I see so many people travelling with their pets these days, how good that Hilton has done this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bob, for that information. I'm letting my daughter and husband know about the new Hilton program for dogs and their parents. They have two dogs and love to travel with them.

You and your mom are providing a great service to pet lovers everywhere!

Pop Art Diva! said...

BOB - DON'T YOU DARE TELL PIXEL ABOUT THIS HOTEL - she'd "hound" me til I took her, lol!

Tell your mom that doing a graphic for your website would not be work but fun for me!!!

Tell you mom to click here to see a pop pet portrait of Duke scroll down the page to the portrait.

Mom could animate you and even the toys you have! Bounce them in front and have you follow them!