Sunday, June 1, 2008

Corpus Christi Here We Come!

The votes are in and Corpus Christi won. So it looks like I'll be getting to spend some time with baby John this summer! I hope he doesn't try to pull my tail again. Mom wasn't entirely convinced at first. I think she really wanted to go to Orlando. But we have been there once already this year and I want to go somewhere new. So, I just had to do the "puppy dog eyes" routine whenever she talked about John and Christine. It worked. She called them last night and told them we were coming. I told you I had Mom well trained!

Now we have to get ready to go. Mom said she's going to call Dr. Karen tomorrow and make an appointment for me to get my shots (ouch!) and a pedicure and maybe even a flea dip. Can't be too careful with those pesky fleas. I don't like shots but if I'm good Mom will buy me a hamburger on the way home! I love hamburgers with cheese on them and I only get them after a trip to Dr. Karen's. Mom says they're not good for me to eat very often but a once in a while treat is okay.

Another part of planning the trip is deciding whether to fly or drive. Mom said she is going to get on her Travelocity site tonight and check airfares. I'm not a huge fan of flying. I'd rather drive so I can be close to Mom on the trip. I'm always afraid one of these days I'll get lost and Mom won't find me. I've heard stories about that happening. Mom has a chip in my ear she says will help keep that from happening. But you never know... Mom almost always drives if I go with her so I think we probably will this time also. If not, it may be time for more "puppy dog eyes."

After that, we have to choose a hotel. We are welcome to stay with Christine and baby John, but truthfully, although I love him, spending all day with a baby can be tough on a dog. So I'm glad that Mom is going to get a room where I can have some time to myself just to spend with her. I like our little vacations since it lets me have Mom to all to myself for a little part of each day. At home, I have to share her with Dad, and the grandkids (when the come to visit), and dad's dog Ginger who is lots bigger than me, and the cats and even some fish! I admit I'm a little spoiled. I was here first before all these others (except Dad) and I don't always like to share. In fact, sometimes I get a little cranky about it - especially if it's a treat or a new bone!

Hey! I almost forgot to share the news! I made a new friend! Her name is Aspen and she is a Yorkie which is a small dog like me. Except she is fancier than me because she is all Yorkie and has papers and everything. I am lots of different things (Dad says I'm a Heinz 57. I never heard of that kind of dog before) and I don't have papers - unless you count the newspapers Mom used to put down for me until I learned to go outside. Mom showed me Aspen's picture and she is cute. I wish she lived close enough to come visit since she's almost the same size as me. It would be fun to have a friend my own size to play with that wasn't a cat! Aspen has her own website though, just like I do. She talks about taking care of small dogs and living with her humans. You should check it out. Stop by and say hello and tell her Travelin' Bob sent you.

I guess that's all for now. It's almost dinner time and I need to be in the kitchen in case Mom drops anything on the floor. I get a lot of treats that way!


Pop Art Diva! said...

Hi Bob! I'm Pixel, PopArtDiva's Yorkipoo. I'm a friend of Aspen's too.

I sure like your Voki - Mom says she wants one for me now!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure--for those with two AND four legs!!!

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Hi Bob, I'm Jack, an American Eskimo. My mommy and daddy take me on trips all the time. I like going to the Florida Keys. My daddy takes me on the kayak out in the water. We stay at this place where they like dogs and I get to make lots of friends. Mommy says we're going again in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait! Woof! Woof!! Bark at ya later!

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Hi there Bob,

I wish you lived a lot closer too! Maybe if I traveled with you I wouldn't be nervous in the car anymore.

Thank you for mentioning me, and saying that I looked cute >:-)<

Aspen the Yorkie

Pop Art Diva! said...

Hi Bob - what have you done since you got home from your trip? Pixel wants to know - she says the only place I take her is art shows and now we don't even go there!
She's been hinting about the Hilton every since I read her your blog post about them!