Friday, May 16, 2008

We're Hitting the Road!

I'm excited! It's summer and Mom has decided to take a trip - and I get to go along! She hasn't decided where to go yet. I heard her on that little thing she uses to talk to other humans last night. She was talking about ideas for a vacation. I think she is trying to decide between visiting Aunt Mai Lei in Dallas (okay, but they have an awful lot of cats that don't like to play with me), Christine in Corpus Christi (that might be fun. I can see baby John! I LIKE babies!) or Desiree in Florida (that gets my vote. I love the beach!)

Once she decides, we will have to get ready. That means a trip to see Dr. Karen. That's always fun. I know sometimes I have to get shots and that hurts a little bit. But the ladies at Dr. Karen's are always nice to me. They pet me and cut my toenails for me so I can walk better. And if I have to get a shot, Mom always takes me for a hamburger afterward!

I hear Mom talking to someone on that black box again. She is still not sure where she wants to go. I know! Why don't YOU help her decide. Vote for which trip you think we should take. I'll do my best to convince Mom that's where we need to go. How you ask? Don't worry. I have Mom well-trained! And I'll keep you up to date on all the fun things there are to do for dogs (and cats too I guess) whereever you decide we should go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Wow--that is a dilemma! Selecting a vacation destination can be a challenge. I wish you and your Mom a lot of luck choosing. I know you asked for my opinion, but I think that one is best decided between the two of you. However, the beach does sound awfully inviting!

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Hello my dear, happy travels to you and your visitors, and guess what, you've been TAGGED! I hope you have some time to find some friends to tag, for details go to Work at Home Grandmoms

Have a happy week!! Claudia