Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our First Adventure - Fort Smith, Arkansas

I want to tell you about our first trip together. Mom (that's what I call my human!) and I had not been in Arkansas long and we wanted to go exploring. So we decided to take a drive to some other locations in Arkansas. We started with Fort Smith since it's not a long drive from Rogers.

We decided we would stay overnight so we could take our time and really explore the area. Mom called around to find a place that would let me stay with her. There were several to choose from including the Comfort Inn Fort Smith and the Holiday Inn City Center. Mom decided to choose the Holiday Inn since it is Fort Smith’s largest full service Holiday Inn Hotel connected to the Fort Smith Convention Center and conveniently located near: UA Fort Smith, UA Fayetteville, Fort Smith’s National Historic Site, Judge Isaac C. Parker’s Museum / Courtroom, the Fort Smith Trolley Museum and Fort Smith Museum of Natural History. Fortunately, I am under the 20 lb weight limit in the hotel's pet policy and Mom did not mind paying the additional pet fee. We did have to stay on the pet floor, but that was alright with me. It gave me a chance to meet some other traveling pet friends.

We packed our bags. Mom brought my leash and my carrier even though I don't use them at home. She just wants me to be safe so I don't mind. She also brought my favorite food and some bottled water, dishes for me to use, my favorite toy, and my blanket. She also packed a pooper scooper and some carpet deodorizer - just in case! Then she made me wear my collar with the ID tags and we were off! On the way we stopped at Dr. Karen's, my vet, to get a copy of my shot record.

The trip did not take long. When we arrived, we went to our hotel first. Mom let me out to stretch my legs and take care of business. Then we visited our room so I could have a drink of water and look the place over. I decided where I wanted my blanket, explored the rest of the room and then it was time to see the city!

We went first to the Fort Smith Dog Park located at the corner of Massard Road and Louisville Street. This dog-lovers park provides an off-leash experience and socialization opportunity for me and my friends while also offering special events and programs. It even has benches so Mom and I can rest and a pond! We played for a while and Mom chased a ball for me. She looks silly doing it, but it seems to make her happy so I always play along.

I was pretty tired and ready for dinner and a nap but Mom wanted to check out Ben Geren Park located at 7200 South Zero Street. She had heard about the annual Top Dog competition sponsored by the local Alzheimer's Association. It's held in the park each year in conjunction with the annual Memory Walk. She thought it would be a dog-friendly place to just walk around for a bit and she was right. I had a great time and I hope she lets me enter the Top Dog contest this year. I know I can win!

Now it was definitely time to call it a day. Mom stopped at the Wendy's drive through for her dinner and then we went back to the hotel so we could eat together. After dinner, we settled down to watch some television. My favorite Saturday evening lineup was on so Mom let me lay beside her and watch while she read her book. Soon it was time for one last visit outside and then bed time. We have to get up early in the morning so we can head for home!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bob--

I LOVE your site and your four-legged view on things. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip and met so many new friends. Your tail must still be wagging with the after-glow!

Karlyn said...

Sounds like so fun fun! I enjoyed reading about your journey.