Sunday, May 10, 2015

Homeless Pets Need Food Too

Mom is very concerned about people having enough to eat.  She participates in all sorts of food drives and events to help feed the hungry and homeless.  But there is one group of hungry beings that are often forgotten - homeless pets.

Now I know what many of you are already thinking.  If people are homeless, they certainly don't need to have a pet.  But for the homeless, pets are companions, friends, protection - they are family.  It may be the only connection they have with another being.  Many will share their last bit of food with their companion animals, often going without themselves to feed their beloved friend.

Homeless pets need our help.  And if we do something this month - just one little thing - imagine the difference we could make!  Many large cities have food pantries for pets.  If not, then often human food pantries will also distribute pet food to people that need it.  The wonderful organization Pets of the Homeless collects and distributes food for homeless pets and they have collection centers all over.  We even have one near us.  So what if we all donate a can of pet food, or a dog blanket, or even just $1.00?  Do you know how much that could be? 

If you would like to get involved in a bigger way, I have some ideas!
  • Arrange a food drive challenge at your school, your office, your church, your neighborhood, or among your friends
  • Set up donation boxes at local businesses
  • Do you own a business?  Set up a donation box.  Offer discounts or a gift to people who bring in donations.
  • Are you a member of a theater group, or sports team, or club?  Offer discounted admission in exchange for donations.
  • Do you have good but unneeded pet food at home?  Donate it!
  • Organize a car wash and collect pet food for payment.
Homeless pets need our help.  Can you open your heart to them?  Let's feed homeless pets this month!
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