Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Shopping Reminder

Hello!  My name is Austin!  I am a 6-year old Yorkshire Terrier.  I live with my Mom and Dad in a big house in the country.  You probably know my Mom and Dad because they were also Bob's Mom and Dad.

Bob crossed the Rainbow Bridge several weeks ago.  We all miss him a lot.  He was my friend.  We slept together in the sun in the summer and shared a soft warm bed in the winter.  Some nights he would let me share Mom's lap with him.  Mostly he would snap at me until I got down.  Bob didn't like to share Mom much.

Mom has said that I can take over Bob's old blog.  I know I can never be as good as Bob.  Bob was one of a kind.  But I will try to honor his memory while telling my own stories here.  I don't think I will travel as much as Bob did.  But you never know.  Mom and Dad are looking at RVs so there may be some travel in my future!  Meanwhile I will spend some time doing what Bob loved best - working to be sure every dog, cat, rabbit, bird, guinea pig, horse, or other pet has the best life possible.  Which is why I'm writing this story today!

It's only a month before Christmas!  I know many of you have gotten much of your Christmas shopping done.  And those of you that haven't have a list ready for something that Mom calls "Black" Friday.  I'm not sure exactly what that is.  I know that Mom hates it!  She says there are too many people all acting crazy!  But Dad says he always finds good prices at the stores and I know that is important when shopping. 

Since there are such great prices on this black day, I want to give everyone a shopping reminder.  When you are out getting presents for you Moms and Dads, your children, your aunts and uncles - don't forget your pets.  We are family too!  And if you could - maybe get an extra gift or two for a shelter pet.  They would like to know that someone cares about them too, especially at Christmas.

If you don't know what to get us, I have a list!  Whether these gifts are for your own furry family members or for shelter pets, we would all love any of these!

1.  Durable toys.  Think Kong.  One of my favorites is the Extreme Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy!  It gives treats when you play with it!  And all of our cats love the furry mice Mom gets them every year.

2.  Speaking of treats - they make great gifts.  Milk Bones, jerky treats, beef sticks.  My favorite is Pup-a-roni.  And the cats like the little treats in the pouch that Mom gives them.  But mostly she makes us eat treats that are good for our teeth.  But that's okay because they still taste good!

3.  New food and water bowls.  Mom has a bunch of them in her store!

4.  Brushes and combs.  Nothing feels better than a good brushing!  I hate when my fur is all matted and tangled!

5.  Blankets or beds for us to sleep on.  We like to be warm and comfortable too!

6.  Exercise toys.  New leashes and collars.  I love going for walks with my Mom and a leash makes sure she doesn't get lost.  Balls for cats to chase.  Wheels for hamsters to run on.  Anything that gets us up and moving and keeps us engaged.

7.  Cat scratching posts.  Mom does not like them clawing on the furniture.  A scratching post is the perfect solution.

8.  Peanut butter!  I know I already listed treats but peanut butter is my favorite thing ever!  All of us have special treats we like.  The cats like cheese.  The fish like dried shrimp.  Our special treats make the perfect gift.

9.  ID tags.  Just in case Mom gets off the leash and gets lost, an ID tag will help me find her!  Or better yet - a microchip!

10.  Of course, the best present is spending time with us.  If you have pets, please remember we are members of the family.  If you don't have a pet yet, now would be the perfect time to give the best give ever to a shelter pet - a forever home!
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