Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Help Animals Get Adopted

I was lucky.  I found the best forever home.  So did Iris and Oscar and Bitty Kitty.  Puck and Peasebottom.  JoyBelle.  But Mom can't adopt every shelter pet.  There is only so much room at our house!  So for every one of us there is another dog or cat (or guinea pig or horse or rabbit or who knows what) that is still in a cage.  At best they will live in the shelter forever where good volunteers will give them some care and affection.  At worst, they will stay there until they are declared "unadoptable" and put to sleep.

Every pet deserves a forever family of their own.  Help them get adopted!  You can help an animal find his forever home.

Are you a Twitter addict like my Mom?  Spread the word about adoptable pets at your local shelter!  You can do the same on Facebook and Pinterest.  In fact you can share info about adoptable pets on any social media site.  Encourage your friends to repost and retweet and soon everyone will know about these animals.  And if your local shelter has a Facebook page, make sure you stop by and "like" their page.  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but Mom says it's a good thing.

Volunteer to help train and socialize pets at your local shelter.  Dogs with knowledge of basic commands like sit and stay get adopted faster.  Cats that aren't afraid of people have an easier time finding a home.

Check out  Every time you search, they donate a penny to your charity.  Choose an animal adoption organization or a program like the Petfinder Foundation.

Be a foster home.  It's a great way to have a "temporary" pet.  If you can't, help your local shelter host a foster home campaign to encourage others to foster an animal in need.

Add a signature to your email with a quick to about animal adoption.  Mom's even has a picture of a cat.  I don't know about that!  But it also includes a link to our local shelter's website.  She sends lots of email and she spreads the word about our shelter with every one she sends!

Help your shelter organize a pet adoption campaign.  Make flyers.  Take pictures of available pets.  Write press releases.


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