Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Dog's Day in Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska.  A great place to explore – and eat – and play.  All of my favorite things.  What little dog could resist the chance to spend a day there? 

Of course the first thing we always want to do is find a place to stay.  I do enjoy my naps and I need a nice, comfortable place to cozy up with Mom after a long day’s adventure.  Our choice was the  Holiday Inn Express Omaha West.   It’s pet friendly, smoke-free, and the beds are SOOOO comfortable.  We had a room in the back so I could look out the window and see trees.  It was just like being at home.  Well, almost.
Once we settled in, Mom had a couple of people to visit.  Then the rest of the day was ours.  First we went to The Green Spot.  Mom and Dad had coffee and I met some new friends.  Mom bought some treats for me too.  She said they were healthy and organic.  All I know is that they were delicious!
After coffee and treats, Mom wanted to do a little shopping so we went to Old Market.  Mom wanted to check out the Tannenbaum Christmas Shop.  Dad is not a big fan of Christmas decorations.  He just likes the presents.  So we waited outside since I was not allowed in the store.  Fortunately, Mom didn’t take too long this time.  Sometimes when she gets browsing in a new store like this she can forget that Dad and I are waiting – especially if it’s a book store. 
After shopping, I needed some time to just walk around so we went to the Heartland of America Park and Fountain.  It’s a great place to stroll around.  Dad stopped to get us some sandwiches and drinks on the way and we had a picnic in the park.  Dad really liked the fountain with the light show.  He said it reminded him a little bit of some fountain in Vegas.  And I even saw deer!  I had to stay on my leash, so I couldn’t chase them.  But I am not allowed to chase them at home either so I didn’t mind.  I did bark at them – just a little.
After our busy day, we went back to the room to rest and have dinner.  Dad and Mom stopped at Upstream Brewing Company to get food to take back to the hotel.  They do have outer tables, but Mom was too tired to ask if I could sit at them.  So they just got takeout so we could eat and rest before driving home in the morning.  Mom had a Reuben Sandwich and Dad had a Brewer’s Burger.  They were both delicious.  I know because I had a bite of each along with my own dinner.  I got to have a couple of French fries too and they were yummy!
Good food, great place to stay, and things to do that even I can visit.   I like Omaha.  I hope we can go again soon. 
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