Friday, November 4, 2011

Las Vegas, Baby!

Mom and Dad go to Las Vegas at least once or twice a year.  But they never take me with them!  I heard them last night discussing another trip and this time I am determined not to be left behind.  So, I did a little research on where I can stay and what I can do.  Before I share it with mom, I'm going to pass on what I found with you!

There are several hotels in Las Vegas that allow pets.  My choice is the Four Seasons Las Vegas.  The Hotel welcomes dogs weighing up to 25 pounds each (additional fee applies). Mom and I have stayed in other Four Seasons hotels and they are simply the best.  They are located at the end of the strip by Mandalay Bay, so while they do not have a casino (Yeah!), there is one very close by.  The rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows so I can have a good view of what's going on, big comfortable beds, and large flat-screen TVs so I can sit in mom's lap and watch my favorite shows with her, just like we do at home.

If the Four Seasons doesn't interest you, other options include Staybridge Suites Las Vegas or The Platinum Hotel and Spa

I won't be bored while we are there.  Mom is not a big fan of the casinos.  But I found plenty of places that she and I can go while Dad tries his luck on the slot machines.  Red Rock Canyon is less than a half-hour drive from the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are lots of hiking trails for me and mom to check out.  Pets are allowed on trails in Red Rock Canyon as well as the campgrounds and visitor center, but we have to keep our owners on a leash.

There is also a great dog park, Desert Breeze Dog Park, where we can play.  It's divided into three large gated sections for small, medium, and large dogs. There are tables, benches and chairs for people to sit and relax while I burn off that energy. A hose and doggie bags available inside park.

I also found Las Vegas DockDogs.  It looks a bit challenging for an old dog like me, but it also looks like fun.  I think I'm a shoe-in for the Extreme Vertical!  I may be small but I can jump!

You know I love to eat and there are plenty of places for me to do just that in Las Vegas!  Mom loves coffee.  I'm not fond of it, but most places that sell coffee also sell snacks - which I am VERY fond of!  And I found the perfect coffee house in Las Vegas - It's a Grind.  It sells only the best coffee so I'm sure it has great snacks too.  I think I'll be very happy. 

I love burgers and I found the perfect spot to get one - Hougan's Racing Sandwich Shop! While I munch on my 1/2 pound burger Dad can have a Philly Cheesesteak and Mom can have a Tailgate.  Something for each of us.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Hamburgers may be my favorite, but I love just about any sandwich so another place for lunch might be Capriotti's Sandwich Shop.  The reviews I read said the sandwiches are so big, they will feed four people - or one little dog!  Mom and Dad eat subs fairly often when they are both busy and too tired to cook so this sounds like a perfect solution for all of us.

Places to stay, things to do, places to eat - and all of them dog-friendly!  It's Las Vegas, baby!  And this time I'm going too!  Now if I can just convince Mom and Dad....
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