Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas - A Great Destination

I decided to continue our tour of my home state, Arkansas, with a visit to the state capital. Little Rock offers lots of exciting things for you and your parents to do. Made famous by "Bill and Hil", Little Rock has become a favorite destination for travelers.

Where do you stay when visiting Little Rock? Like all good pet-friendly cities, there is a wide range of choices. But as usual, I have my favorite. It's where Mom and I stay whenever we're in town. The Comfort Inn and Suites Downtown is a nice hotel with a very friendly staff. The fact that they are also smoke-free is a huge plus. Cigarette smoke makes me sneeze and Mom cough. The beds are so comfy - plush, plush, plush! And they have microwaves and refrigerators, so Mom and I can have breakfast together. Some of the rooms even have recliners, so Mom and I can relax just like we do at home.

In Little Rock, the first place everyone wants to see is the Clinton Presidential Center and Library. The Center has numerous exhibits and Mom says it houses the largest archival collection in American presidential history. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds important. Mom only goes when Dad or someone else is in Little Rock with her because she likes to look at the exhibits and I'm not allowed inside. But I am allowed on the grounds and trails by the river. Since Dad wasn't a fan of Bill's, he doesn't mind keeping me company on our walks while Mom satisfies her historical and political cravings. I do have to be on my leash while we walk, but it's so nice here, I don't mind a bit. I love being near the river!

History buff that she is, Mom also likes to visit the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History. She says General MacArthur was born right here (in the museum?) and that it honors Arkansas men and women who served in the Armed Forces, just like Dad and she did. I'm not that much of a history fan, so it doesn't bother me that I am not allowed in the buildings. I am allowed throughout the park and, just as when we visit the Clinton Center, Dad usually keeps me company while Mom goes inside. I sure have a great Dad!

After abandoning me to Dad all day, Mom usually feels guilty enough that she tries to make it up to me by taking me to the River Market District! It's always great, whenever we go. As long as I'm on my leash, I can go with Mom through all the streets of the district and even some of the open air restaurants. She always lets me have some BBQ - even though it's not all that good for me. I do only get a few bites. And sometimes, if I've been especially good, she lets me have a bite of her caramel cheesecake. It's yummy! I don't get as many treats as I used to though. I'm still on that diet.

After caramel cheesecake and BBQ, we go to Paws Park at Murray Park for some exercise. Paws Park is a fenced, OFF-LEASH, dog park. It has fences so the big dogs are kept away from little dogs like me. And there are water troughs so I can drink whenever I'm thirsty. Mom and I will play for a while and then she and I will sit on one of the benches and rest before dinner.

MY favorite place to eat is the Arkansas Burger Company. They have the best burgers in town - and you know how I love burgers! I like to sit at the outside tables and share a "Hog" with Mom and Dad. (For you non-burger lovers, a "Hog" is the world's best bacon cheeseburger!).

I just love it when Mom says lets go to Little Rock for the weekend. It has everything needed for the perfect dog-friendly getaway.
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