Thursday, December 18, 2008

There's no place like home for the holidays

I want to tell you a story about a little dog. This dog was a good little dog. Yes, he chewed on shoes and piddled on the floor. But he didn't mean it. He was just a puppy after all. He wanted to be good. But the man and the woman who lived with him and his 4-legged mom said they had too many dogs already and that the little dog was too much trouble. So they took him to the animal shelter. The little dog was put in a small cage with no friends to play with and no one to pet him. He had food and water and sometimes he got to go outside and walk around, but most of the time he was in the cage - alone. It was very scary! Sometimes the people who worked at the shelter would come and get a dog for a walk - and the dog would never come back. The little dog heard that they were put to sleep. Sleep was good, but somehow sleeping and never coming back didn't seem right. The little dog worried that might happen to him and he was afraid. Sometimes, people would come in to the shelter and take a dog from the cage. These dogs also never came back. But the little dog heard that this was different. These dogs were going to new homes where they would be loved and be part of a family. The little dog wished every night that someone would take him home.

One day a man and woman came in to the shelter. They stopped at the little dog's cage and talked to him. The little dog sniffed at the woman's fingers as she reached through the cage. She asked if she could hold the little dog. When she picked him up, the little dog reached up and kissed her on the chin to say thank you for taking him out of the cage. The woman cuddled the little dog, looked at the man, and said, "I want him." That's was all it took! The little dog couldn't believe it. Someone was going to take him home.

In case you haven't figured it out, the little dog was me and the story is how my Mom and Dad found me at the shelter. I was lucky. I have lived here for 11 years and I am loved and cared for every day. I have food, and a bed, and toys, and playmates - I even have a cat. Mom helps me write this blog and holds me and takes me for walks and plays with me. I have a great life. But there are thousands of dogs and cats who aren't so lucky. So this Christmas, I am asking you to think about adding a furry friend to your home. I'm not suggesting you give a pet for a gift unless you are certain it will be a good idea. That's how many of us ended up in shelters to begin with. But if you have room in your house and your heart for one more thing to love, please visit your local animal shelter and adopt a pet in time for the holidays! They would love to share Christmas with you.

To help with this, each month I am going to take one post and devote it to featuring some of the pets from different shelters across the country. Since I introduced you to NWA last time, I'm going to introduce you to some great NWA pets that need homes today.

The following pets are available from the City of Rogers - Animal Services. They are a city-run shelter that handles animals within the city limits of Rogers, Arkansas. They strive to provide caring, competent, and professional assistance to the animals and community. Their adoption procedure is very simple. Find the perfect pet that you can give a "forever home". Their staff will help match your personality and needs to the pet that best suits you and your family. Adoption costs $61.00 per animal. This fee covers a Bordatella vaccine, worming, microchipping and $40.00 towards the spaying or neutering of the animal. ALL ANIMALS ADOPTED FROM SHELTER MUST BE SPAYED or NEUTERED! A few things to remember about the adoption application.... **If you rent, you will have to have letter from your landlord stating that you can have pets. This letter needs to include limitations if there are any. **If you have other animals, regardless of where you live, you will have to provide proof of rabies vaccinations for each pet. You may now access their application online at! You can find all of the pets featured here - plus others - at

Baby, female, Black and white, terrier mix

D06 1853

D39 2010
Labrador Retriever, Shepherd [Mix]
Large Adult Male

D20 2049
Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler [Mix]
Medium Adult Female

D09 2126
Shepherd [Mix]
Large Baby Female

C05 2191
Small Adult Female

I would like a couple of favors, please. First, if you adopt a pet featured here, please let me know so I can put another needy pet in their place. Plus I have a goal of helping 1000 dogs and cats across the country find homes. I need to be able to track my success. Second, tell the shelter you found your pet on my blog. I am trying to encourage them to link to my blog and if they see it's successful, that might encourage them.

I also want to help a wonderful organization in their efforts to find homes for pets - So - starting today - for every purchase from my CafePress store ( Mom will make a donation to the Foundation so that every little dog like me can find a happy home.


Pop Art Diva! said...

Dear Bob - you are wonderful for helping other little "orphan" pets find homes!

Pixel says THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for her lovely new water bowl! It has an honored place right at our computer station!

Bob - you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope you get lots of treats and toys and love and pets!

Auntie PopArtDiva™ and Pixel

Eileen Williams said...

Dear Bob,

What a wonderful way to celebrate the true Christmas spirit--giving back. You've been extremely lucky to have found your wonderful adoptive parents and now you're on a mission to have all your doggie and kitty friends share in your good fortune.

Kudos to you and I wish you a stocking full of bones!

Pam Archer said...

Dear Bob,

I would love to have a dog at my house. The problem is that I have to be gone a lot and I wouldn't want to have to leave her in a kennel. I enjoy my four shitzu granddogs immensely and love them so much.

You are lucky to have a mom who loves you so much, too.

Merry Christmas. I hope Santa leaves you lots of treats.

Joyce said...

You are one lucky little doggie.
I have 2 big doggies I rescued and 5 little kitties. I am a good mom too. May the new year be good to you, Bob.

PopArtDiva said...

Hi Bob! Pixel wants to know what kind of toys and treats you got for Christmas. She says if you didn't get a ball she got two and you can have one!!!

BTW, tell your Mom I got my other present and I LOVE IT and immediately made a Perfect Cherry Martini to go into it!!!