Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sharing My Close Up and My Tips for Traveling with Your Mom

I know, I's been a long time. But Mom has been busy traveling (without me if you can believe that - she said it was business and she wouldn't have time for me!). Since I need her to type for me, I've had to be patient and wait.

I have great news! Jessica finally sent my picture. I am a handsome boy if I do say so myself! And now that I finally have my photo, I want to share it with all of you. Here it is!

What do you think? Pretty sharp looking, don't you agree? Especially for 11 years old. That's like 77 in your years. You should look this good when you're 77!

Mom says we aren't going to be taking any trips for a bit. She is redoing her kitchen and she wants to get it done before we go anywhere else. It's really a mess right now and I don't like having strange men in the house but Mom says she needs them to fix her cabinets and build her breakfast bar. The only good thing about it is that Mom isn't cooking so much right now, which means I get to sneak treats from her doggie bags. Not as much as I used to - I'm still on that "diet" - but at least it's better than those "greenie" things she keeps trying to feed me!

Since we aren't going on any adventures right away, I thought I'd share some basic tips on making sure your mom and dad have everything you need when you travel with them. You want to be comfortable, safe, and have a good time so it's up to you to make sure your humans are well trained and prepared. If not, ask them to leave you with a pet sitter or a boarding kennel!

Whenever possible, tell your mom and dad you want to travel in the car. While it is possible to travel by plane, I wouldn't recommend it. Would you believe they treat us like cargo?! And if you've ever traveled in the cargo hold of a plane, then you know it's not much fun. Since I'm small, sometimes I get to sit on the floor under the seat in my carrier with Mom, but that's still very scary and cramped. Always encourage your mom and dad to take the car unless there is no other choice.

If your humans aren't used to driving with you in the car, then they need to take you for some short practice drives. When they get nervous, they can make you nervous so some nice short rides to the park, or to PetSmart, (or for hamburgers!) will help you both learn to ride together. If they still make you anxious, tell them to get some medicine from the vet to help you relax before you go on your trip. And make sure they have a doggie seat belt for you. A regular human seat belt won't work and you want to make sure you have the same protection as they do.

Make sure they plan the trip with you in mind. Remind them you will need to stop every 2-3 hours for a potty break and some water. You should take them for a walk when you stop too, so they can stretch their legs. If you get all cramped up just sitting in the car, imagine how tired they must get driving all the time. A short walk will do you both good.

I am including my traveling packing list. This is everything I insist Mom brings with us so I'm safe, comfortable, and happy. In future posts, I'll go into detail about each item and maybe I'll even rate some of the different options!

My 'Top Ten List of Things I Need on My Trip':

1. My Leash - almost every city has some sort of leash law so bring it along unless you want to spend the entire trip in your crate in a hotel room.

2. My Collar with ID Tags - just in case you get lost, your ID tags should help you get home. Mom got me a microchip, but if you don't have one, you definitely want the collar and tags.

3. Food and Water - who knows what the local food and water may be like. Bring your own!

4. My Dishes - you'll need something to eat and drink from. Bringing your own dishes will also make strange places seem more like home.

5. My Blankie - I always sleep better with my favorite blankie!

6. Pooper Scooper - it's just polite to clean up after yourself.

7. My Favorite Toy - sometimes traveling can be stressful. Having my favorite toy along with my favorite blankie is comforting.

8. Copy of Pet Health Certificate or Shot Record from your Dr. Karen - just in case you do get sick or hurt, this will help the vet give you the best care.

9. My brush - so I always look my best!

10. Carpet deodorizer or Cleaner - just in case. I'm a good dog, but accidents do happen!

That's it! Sometimes she brings some extra things like my carrier, or my toothbrush, or some treats. But this is the basic list. I even have my own little travel bag to pack everything in. Put together your own list using mine to give you some ideas. Then tell your mom and dad that you're packed and ready to hit the road!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bob, for that thorough and helpful list. You are one smart puppy--not to mention dog-gone handsome!

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Hi Bob!

What a great list, I have to tell my owner about it! I like your picture too...I don't think that I have you're real picture on my blog yet, even though I did a post about you a while back, and wonder if it would be okay to add it? I'll put a link to my site:-)

Hope your getting a lot of snacks!!

Aspen the Yorkie

Pop Art Diva! said...

Bob, not only are you handsome, but you're intelligent and informative!

You are going to be a wonderful subject to pop art because you have such distinctive markings!

Pixel sends you kookies and kisses!